Reacher: Why does everyone want to fight him?

Amazon Prime hit the nail on the head with its new series To reach. He was an incredibly accurate portrayal of the intelligent, principled investigator – and Alan Ritchson’s cast ultimately portrayed him as the mountain of a man Lee Child portrayed in his books. So the most confusing thing about Season 1 was why did anyone keep fighting this guy with how often he completely obliterates people.

Jack Reacher grew up in a military family – exemplified by the WWII medal he wears – and it led to his own career in the armed forces. He became a military police officer, receiving multiple promotions and medals for his meritorious work. Reacher was even put in charge of his own special investigations unit. But after leaving the army, he became a drifter who wandered the United States to solve all the crimes that stood in his way. Naturally, these situations included a lot of fighting,

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The books describe Reacher as an incredibly tall man who strikes a huge, imposing figure. He’s both quick and agile, not to mention years of extensive army combat training that helped him develop a brutal yet effective fighting style. The physical description fits actor Alan Ritchson almost perfectly. To reach Showrunner Nick Santora praised how he put in hours of work to get the pilot’s disturbingly disturbing prison brawl sequence, and before that he was briefly Aquaman.

As such, it didn’t make much sense that people kept wanting to fight him throughout the first season of To reach. Groups and individuals constantly tried to beat the man and even kill him. Sometimes they were nameless thugs that Reacher dispatched with shocking efficiency and skill in moments; other times he hired people with their own military training. He tore them all down, yet everyone he met thought they could get the better of him.

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KJ Kliner, the season’s main villain, even tried to take on Reacher on his own at one point – despite being half Reacher’s size and without the combat experience or training to handle him. It didn’t go well for KJ, the same way it went wrong for everyone before him.

To reach was the perfect live-action adaptation of the popular Jack Reacher character. This ultimately proved him right in many ways, including his physical appearance and fighting ability. If there was anything to argue about in Season 1, it was that Reacher was doing justice in a small town where people should have heard of what he was doing. There was bound to come a time when people would think better of the situation and stop trying to take on the reigning world-class kicking champion – but maybe that will happen in the upcoming Season 2.

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