Review of the film “Romantic”: voyeuristic drama

Though immensely talented, young Akash Puri isn’t quite convincing as a gangster

Those who have seen Akash grow from a child actor to his current film Romantic, will testify that he is still not ready to take on the role of gangster. His youthful appearance doesn’t quite match his dialogue and action scenes. Why hurry when there are so many college subjects and love stories? Romantique succeeds in engaging the front bans. It doesn’t have any comedy but offers some cheap thrills to a certain section of the audience. The songs and cinematography are good, but the story has nothing new to offer. The film begins with ACP Ramya (Ramya Krishna) arriving in Goa to catch the criminal who killed a cop on duty. His target is Vasco too. She tells about this so-called love story of Vasco and Monica and the reason for their coming to Goa. Vasco Da Gama, a 20-year-old turns into a gangster after eliminating the existing one. Why would we encourage a smuggler and a criminal? There is also a soft side to him in the story; he helps the poor by building houses.

The film is dominated by the scenes where the main duo covet each other. The first time, when Vasco (Akash) harasses Monica (Ketika Sharma), she asks her: “what do you want? She keeps repeating the question and just when you get exasperated she starts singing, What do you want?. Although the film is directed by Anil Paduri, it contains the characteristic settings and dialogues of Puri Jagannadh; The only remarkable thing is that the dialogues are not daring like in the movies of the mentor. He has toned down a bit, but that doesn’t mean he’s devoid of objectification. Vasco says that in this forest without rules, Monica is just an animal and makes his associates understand that there is no love between them. Same with her, which is why throughout the movie they can’t hold hands. Surprisingly, Monica tells her brother (Uttej) that she fell in love with Vasco because there is no option. Whether it is the visuals or the dialogues, each scene between them is voyeuristic. Ram Pothineni appears for a brief period just like Puri Jagannadh in a song and it’s so clear the filmmakers have Ismart Shankar hangover and in a hurry to make Akash another Ustad.

Ketika Sharma makes a confident debut. Akash has the potential and will one day be successful, all it takes is the right selection of a script. Romantic from now on it’s too dramatic, but you can watch its visual appeal and music.

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