Richard Armitage, star of “Stay Close”, explains if the new Netflix series is related to “The Stranger”


In Netflix’s new limited series Stay Close, Richard Armitage plays a former documentary photographer turned paparazzi with links to two mysterious disappearances. The eight-episode series, due out December 31, is the streamer’s latest adaptation of a book by Harlan Coben. This is also the second show based on one of the author’s best-selling novels in which Armitage starred, following the 2020s. The foreigner.

Richard Armitage plays a new character in “Stay Close”

Richard Armitage in ‘Stay Close’ | Netflix / James stack

In The foreigner, Armitage played a man named Adam who learns a devastating secret about his wife’s past. In Stay close Long-buried secrets resurface, affecting the lives of Ray Levine (Armitage) as well as mother-of-three Megan Pierce (Cush Jumbo), Detective Michael Broome (James Nesbitt) and Megan’s old friend Lorraine Griggs (Sarah Parish).

Stay close and The foreigner are both based on Coben’s books. But Armitage says there is no other connection between the two stories. This convinced him to sign for the new show, the the actor said Hello!

“My first question was, ‘Is the character going to be different enough than the one I just did, because I didn’t want to present myself doing the same thing’, but they were also aware of that,” a- he declared. noted. “They were like, ‘He’s a different character, he’s going to look different, he’s going to feel different.'”

The actor also said he was drawn to the project because he “likes[s] the themes Harlan is playing with, identity and reinventing himself and your past catching up with you and how do you hide? It’s people’s fantasy and worst nightmare they try to make up for themselves and the past comes back to haunt them.

“The Hobbit” Star Explains How He Imagined His Character In Netflix’s “Stay Close”

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The Hobbit The star went on to explain how he found ways to differentiate Ray’s character from Adam.

“[T]he way the writers and producers work is that they’re so democratic that they say ‘yes’ to everything, and they’re really open to ideas and suggestions, ”he said. “The fact that Ray had tattoo sleeves was an invention because I wanted to give him a very different visual identity that was different from the previous character.”

“I wanted him to map his lost memory in visual form, and they were like, ‘Great, let’s go!'” He added.

Armitage also said he studied the work of British photojournalist Tim Hetherington when developing his Stay close personage. Hetherington, who directed the 2010 documentary Restrepo with Sebastian Junger, who died in 2011 while covering the civil war in Libya.

Harlan Coben speaks on Armitage role in “Stay Close”

Coben is working closely with Netflix on adaptations of his books. He says there was no problem with an actor from a previous series playing a completely different character in Stay close.

“I don’t like working with the same actors for obvious reasons, but this character (Ray) was so different from what Richard played in. The foreigner that I thought he would really appreciate this kind of test so that he could challenge a lot of expectations, ”he told

Stay close airs on Netflix from December 31.

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