RMC Theater Department Collects Donations for Pantry

GREAT FALLS — On Saturday, the CMR High School Theater Department held a food drive for its pantry outside the Albertsons on the West Side. The students all dressed up in their costumes and stood outside for six hours, encouraging shoppers to donate to the cause.

“We give them a flyer with a list of all the things we need,” says RMC Manager Kelly Lynch, “All the non-perishable items that are really good to donate. They come out of Albertsons and give us the things they picked up in the store.

Once a certain amount of food is reached, a handful of students load up the car and drive the supplies to school, where they are listed and sorted for easier transfer to the CMR pantry.

This is the second year the students have held the event outside of the grocery store, citing the resounding success they experienced the first time around.

“Last year, we collected so much food that we ran out of room in the pantry,” says Jaclyn Kleinsasser, board member of Thespian. “When we run out of space in our pantry, we send the extra to Great Falls High and the Great Falls Food Bank.”

RMC Drama Instructor Chris Evans is proud of the steps his students are taking to help those facing critical food shortages.

“I know what it’s like to be hungry,” says Evans, “hopefully we help people not have that feeling. There are a lot of people who are really dependent on help. They come to see our shows that our theater group puts on and it’s our way of giving back.


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RMC Theater Department Collects Donations for Pantry