Roar: Viewers are all saying the same thing about new Apple TV+ drama

Nicky Morris

AppleTV+from the new anthology series, Roarlanded on the streaming platform over the weekend, and viewers wasted no time getting stuck into the new show.

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Nicole Kidman directs a star-studded cast in the drama that features eight standalone episodes spanning multiple genres, from magical realism to psychological horror, each telling a feminist story.

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Viewers took to Twitter after binge-watching the series to praise the compelling drama. One person wrote: “Obsessed with #Roar – can we have more episodes?while another added, “Have to say, I dig #Roar on AppleTV+.”

A third fan commented, “Seriously #Roar is pretty epic. I can’t stop watching,” while another agreed, applauding Nicole’s performance: “These episodes are pretty good. Nicole got me emotional here.”

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Other fans have noticed the similarities between the series and Netflix’s dystopian series, black mirrorwhich also features standalone episodes exploring a diversity of genres.


Nicole Kidman stars in the series

One person tweeted: “Looks like #ROAR on Apple+ is the new Black Mirror‘, while another added: ‘Just watched the first episode of #ROAR on @AppleTVPlus – throwing in some Black Mirror vibes for sure. Definitely something to think about. Also just more of Issa Rae please. She’s got so much talent.”

A third person simply commented, “Ok so that gives Black Mirror. #Roar.”

Some viewers were shocked by the bizarre drama, which sees “women eating pictures, hanging out with ducks, and living on shelves like trophies,” according to the synopsis.


Viewers compared the drama to Netflix’s black mirror

One person tweeted, “Who’s watching #Roar because this show is WILD!” while another added:I can’t even believe what I’m looking at right now.

A third person was unsure what to make of the show, writing, “Watching #ROAR on @AppleTV and very conflicted with my thoughts.”

Many fans also praised the outstanding cast, which includes Cynthia Erivo, Issa Rae, Merritt Wever, Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Meera Syal, Fivel Stewart and Kara Hayward alongside executive producer Nicole.


The series features a star-studded cast

One person tweeted: “Watching #Roar on #AppleTV and wow…The stories are amazing as is the cast. Only watched a few so far but @IssaRae, #BettyGilpin and @alisonbrie were brilliant in their episodes! Highly recommend to everyone!!”

Roar is available to stream on AppleTV+.

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