Roller Dramas is available in-store, for PC, Mobile and Consoles

Indie developer and publisher Open Lab Games has announced that it will be bringing the latest game, Roller Drama to all platforms. It’s a great story game because you have a visual novel involving sports management mechanics. If you can not only live the dream of being a member of a roller derby team, but also manage the team and help it succeed. The game is expected to release in the first half of 2023, but an official date has yet to be fully confirmed. You can see more in the latest trailer here.

Credit: Open Lab Games.

Roller Drama is a story-driven sports adventure game where you play a team of five roller derby athletes who have many challenging personalities as their coach and hopefully friends. To manage full-contact matches on skates with a mix of strategy and real-time controls. Team results and life debacles are all part of the story. In Roller Drama, you (Joan) live in a group of five athletes as coaches and therefore a friend: Anne, Portia, Pippi, Cordelia and Juliet. They have just launched a very successful roller juke.

Portia is a property belonging to the guards, others (you too) come to squat a dilapidated building. As this top athlete develops a close personal relationship, the group navigates between love and rivalry. While playing full contact matches like Roller Derby, each player has to give good hints, decide the strategy and order. You will have a headband in the form of a mini-bar. Life in the game world is not easy, but political and environmental issues interfere with daily life. This universe is a completely different perspective of the world, with the same problem with other more explicit ones. We have a dystopia (thanks Terry Gilliam).