Samantha Bee and Soledad O’Brien are preparing health care docuseries about the “urgent mess” – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Samantha Bee and Soledad O’Brien are teaming up to tackle America’s women’s health crisis.

This marks familiar territory for Bee and O’Brien: Bee has regularly covered the subject, including abortion rights, on his TBS show. Full frontaland former CNN anchor O’Brien has hosted and produced several documentaries that tackle the subject, including the CNN special Black in America.

The project is Bee’s first since Full frontal was canceled at TBS following the creation of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Bee’s Swimsuit Competition and O’Brien’s SOB Productions were already developing a women’s health series to be hosted by others when the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade and that they decided to present it themselves. They’re looking to mix journalism and comedy in the untitled series, which they’ll soon be bringing to buyers.

It will cover the “urgent mess” that is women’s health in America, from abortion rights and birth control to the wellness industry that has taken advantage of the lack of information and care available to women. women. It aims to be an antidote to misinformation and show how America has completely failed women.

The duo will go out into the world to investigate, point out hypocrisies and force people to consider valid solutions. From women trying to figure out how to get healthcare to politicians trying to regulate women’s bodies, the pair will be boots on the court and they say they’re “done using their inner voices.”

They will examine why American women are sicker, more stressed and die younger than women in other high-income countries, why American women are more likely to have problems paying their medical bills, have higher rates of chronic diseases and are among the least likely to report having a doctor they see regularly, such as a primary care doctor and why American women also have the highest rates of death from preventable causes as well as a focus particular on why black women are particularly vulnerable to life-threatening pregnancy complications with nearly three times more likely to die from them than white women.

Writer and producer Sasha Stewart and Keisha Zollar work with Bee and O’Brien. Stewart recently worked on Netflix Edit: The Fight for America and wrote for The Night Show with Larry Wilmore. Zoller was supervising producer on Hulu’s Mike Tyson limited series Mikeworked on the American adaptation of Would I lie to you? and served as co-executive producer of NBC’s Summary Times with Lilly Singh and co-creator of Netflix Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show.

Bee said: “This show is for anyone who has ever mentioned endometriosis over brunch, and then needed an extra 12 hours of mimosas to handle the show and the revelation of ensuing ailments. .”

O’Brien added: “To put it bluntly, women’s health is a shit show and it’s long overdue to shine a light on how 51% of our country is neglected, neglected and misled when it comes to Health care. In the wake of Roe’s overthrow, this show is not only relevant, it’s absolutely necessary because women’s lives are at stake.”