Sanjeev Bhaskar’s 10 Best Movies And TV Shows, According To IMDb

Fans weren’t surprised that BAFTA-nominated actor Sanjeev Bhaskar was praised for playing Cain on Netflix. sand man, given that he is an extremely talented actor and has a versatile filmography.

Although he is best known for playing several comedic roles, such as Sanjeev Kumar in The Kumars at No. 42he didn’t limit himself to just one genre, with the actor also branching out into several dramatic roles (including The unforgettable Indian doctor and Inspector Lewis series). All of these projects certainly impressed IMDb users, who took the time to watch how he performed and reviewed the shows/movies they thought he was most memorable in.


ten Outnumbered (2007-2016) – 8.1

Broadcast on Fubo

Sanjeev Bhaskar as Ray in Outnumbered

BAFTA-nominated comedy Outnumbered is a somewhat improvised sitcom about the Brockman family and their three children. Bhaskar plays Ray, a former meteorologist, who had a nervous breakdown and is now depressed in “Christmas Special 2012”. This episode focuses on the family throwing a Christmas party that goes wrong and Ray is invited to the party.

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Although Bhaskar’s Ray was a very understated role, he still managed to make a memorable impression on fans by managing to capture the sadness of the character. Although Ray can be darkly funny, fans can’t help but sympathize with him as they can see the inner conflict he’s fighting. It was certainly unlike anything he had played before.

9 Inspector Lewis (2006-2015) – 8.1

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Sanjeev Bhaskar in Inspector Lewis

Inspector Lewis focuses on the titular character and Sergeant Hathaway solving mysteries in Oxford. Bhaskar appears as Kanan Dutta, a grieving conservationist whose daughter died after falling into a coma in both parts “Down Among the Fearful”. This episode focuses on a researcher murdered for a psychological experiment who claimed to be a psychic.

Like Ray in Outnumbered, Kanan Dutta is quite a calm and sad character for Bhaskar although this role is not comedic. He manages to perfectly capture the intense love his character has for his wife and tries to protect her from the revelation that she is guilty of murder, ready to take responsibility for her crimes. Since fans had been used to his comedic roles, this performance once again allowed them to see his emotional range.

8 Jonathan Creek (1997-2016) – 8.2

Broadcast on BritBox

Sanjeev Bhaskar at Jonathan Creek

The BAFTA-winning drama, Jonathan Creek, is about an eccentric magician-turned-detective who uses his puzzle-solving skills to solve murders. Bhaskar plays a Scottish doctor at the end of the episode “Black Canary”. This episode, which stars the late comedian Rik Mayall, focuses on the mysterious death of a retired illusionist.

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Bhaskar’s doctor plays a jovial role, cracking jokes with his nurse and being smiley and upbeat (and given their similar traits, it’s likely that experience helped him in his role as Dr Prem Sharma in the 1960s . The Indian Doctor). While viewers would have liked to see him more in other episodes, his unique performance left a memorable impression on IMDb fans.

seven Love Soup (2005-2008) – 8.2

No broadcast information available

Tamsin Grieg in Love Soup

love soup is a comedy-drama about Alice Chenery (Tamsin Greig, also Shaun of the Dead) and Gil Raymond (Michael Landes) two people who are kindred spirits to each other but have never met. Bhaskar appears in the episode “Dream Twister” as Mitch, Alice’s former boyfriend who is now a college professor and believes his former student is stalking him.

Bhaskar’s Mitch is charming but not always likable as he plays the part with frightening efficiency. One of the highlights of Bhaskar’s Mitch is the very unsettling Alice The Twilight Zone-esqe dream sequence where Mitch is seemingly a successful ventriloquist but in reality is the dummy himself.

6 The Real McCoy (1991-1996) – 8.3

No broadcast information available

Actors in sketch of The Real McCoy

The real McCoy was Bhaskar’s first screen experience and was a comedy sketch featuring black and Asian performers. Bhaskar has two sketches that stand out for playing similar young men dealing with annoying parents.

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Bhaskar is very believable playing the clumsiness of these characters. In “Buying Condoms”, Bhaskar perfectly portrays the character’s nervousness and embarrassment at asking for condoms at a pharmacy since the woman working there is her aunt. In “Asian Couple Leaves Family Home”, he plays another nervous young man who finds it difficult to leave his parents’ house with his pregnant wife because of his overbearing mother. The way Bhaskar offers the gain is worth watching the sketch.

5 Gracious Kindness Me (1998-2015) – 8.3

Broadcast on Freevee

Sanjeev Bhaskar in Goodness Gracious Me

God’s goodness, named after the song Peter Sellers sang in The millionaire, is a sketch comedy show that focuses on the relationship between British and Indian culture. As The real McCoy, Bhaskar played many roles, but here were more recurring characters.

These sketches were memorable as Bhaskar played larger-than-life characters – whether it was a condescending father or an obnoxious date. The multi-talented Bhaskar was also a writer on this show, which further exemplified his acting skills, as the quick and witty dialogue that the other characters delivered never failed to produce plenty of laughs.

4 Unforgettable (2015-) – 8.3

Streaming on Amazon Prime

Sanjeev Bhaskar in Unforgotten

Unforgettable is a mystery crime drama series about two smart London detectives, DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan (Bhaskar) who investigate crimes from the past. The series was nominated for Best Drama Series at the 2022 BAFTAS.

Bhaskar’s Khan is a detective and family man who regularly speaks to Cassie about the issues he is having with his daughters and asks for advice due to his caring but often unsuccessful attempts to relate to his daughters. For many fans, this relationship turned out to be a hit as many viewers were deeply invested in their dynamic and whether they would actually pursue the romance or stick with the friendship. Thanks to Bhaskar’s chemistry with Nicola Walker, the episodes have fans on the edge of their seats throughout, as no one could guess which direction it would go.

3 Doctor Who (2005-) – 8.6

Broadcast on HBO Max

Sanjeev Bhaskar in Doctor Who

Bhaskar appears as Colonel Ahmed in the series 8 episode “Death in Heaven”. This episode is the series 8 finale and is about the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) having to defeat Missy (Michelle Gomez) after she turns all the dead in the world into Cybermen.

Although Bhaskar’s Colonel Ahmed had very limited screen time, he stood out due to his comedic headbutts with the Doctor. At one point, the Doctor even calls him a “man scout”, a devious compliment on his uniform. He also had a very memorable death scene which involved him being dragged off the UNIT plane by Cybermen.

2 Comic Relief: Bodyguard (2019) – 8.7

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Richard Madden as bodyguard

This is a Comic Relief parody of the drama series Bodyguard about war veteran David Budd (Richard Madden) who joined the Met’s Royalties and Specialist Protection branch, guarding Keeley Hawes (also known as Russell T. Davies’ It’s a sin). In the skit, Bhaskar plays the man who assesses David Budd.

Bhaskar is highly effective in the deadpan delivery of his ridiculous dialogue which effectively mocks the clichés of Bodyguard while containing an outrageous double meaning. It takes skill to say what he did with a straight face, which Bhaskar was able to do all the time. This helps make the parody even more authentic like the original show.

1 Horrible Histories (2003-2022) – 8.8

Streaming on Hulu

Sanjeev Bhaskar in Horrific Stories

The BAFTA-winning series horror stories is a CBBC family show that teaches history through sketches, songs and parodies. Bhaskar appears in two episodes: “Monsterous Musicians” as the Singing Greek God and “Naughty Napoleon” as Sake Dean Mohamed, the man who brought shampoo to England.

Bhaskar shows his talent as a performer of comic sketches which he cultivated in The real McCoy and Gracious Kindness Me. Bhaskar can really show off his talent for parody as Sake Dean Mohamed where he featured an infomercial on shampoo and how it can make hair smell better. He delivers it very simply but with a soft voice that makes it feel like a real infomercial.

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