Single Girl Re-Evaluates Whether Jude-Law-In-The-Holiday Could Be An Unrealistic Criterion For Dating – The Betoota Advocate



If you’ve watched too many romantic comedies, there’s a good chance you’ve had a crush on Jude Law at some point.

There’s the rich BCBG boy Jude from The Talented Mr. Ripley, the naughty lothario Jude from Alfie, zaddy Jude from Sherlock, and of course, Jude in his finest form – The Holiday.

Among her favorite movies to recycle every Christmas (half of which with star Hugh Grant), local woman Tara Newton has a special place in her heart for The Holiday, which, despite only scoring 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, is a favorite among rom com connoisseurs – probably, for his perfect blend of feel-good moments, British accents and Jude Law wearing not only a scarf but glasses as well.

In fact, so captivated by this perfectly crafted romantic comedy character, Tara modeled her ideal man on her features, down to perfectly tousled hair.

Although, sadly, she’s very unlikely to be knocked on her door by a sexy single dad who looks like someone from a Prada catalog.

But a girl can dream.

Wondering if it was worth hanging around a library or museum to find the bespectacled man of her dreams, Tara briefly reassesses whether she should lower her standards, but chooses to ignore it in favor of the hope that she, too, will one day exchange her shared room for a pretty British cottage.

More soon.