Star Wars has its own Game of Thrones

There’s a big gap in the Star Wars timeline that has yet to be covered, and it could make for a series as great as Game of Thrones.

the star wars The franchise is obsessed with filling in the gaps around major episodes in its fictional history. From A thug at Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the series has continued to tap into galaxy-building stories around the Skywalker Saga. However, there’s an integral story that Disney has yet to touch – the New Republic’s brief reign after the Empire and the rapid rise of the First Order.

Part of the reason this period was overlooked may stem from fans’ lack of interest in the watered-down, discount Empire. Still, with the right writing team behind it and a strong director with a distinct visual eye like Bryce Dallas Howard at the helm, a political drama set in this era could be the star wars version of game of thrones.

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General Leia Organa

The story of game of thrones really kicks off when King Robert Baratheon – who was almost played by Brian Cox – is killed and a power vacuum is created. As the title suggests, the series follows several individuals claiming the throne, vying for the crown and control of the Seven Kingdoms. A comparison could be made where the star wars galaxy is at when the credits roll at the end of Return of the Jedi. After nearly 25 years under the rule of an emperor, there’s really no plan as to what’s next now that his government has been overthrown – at least as far as the public is aware.

Several novels have been written about this period with Princess Leia Organa at the center, so there is clearly a story to be told. Leia and Mon Mothma attempting to reassemble a broken empire could make for an extremely compelling multi-season series. Disney could bring back Billie Lourd to play the iconic role of her mother as Leia ventures from planet to planet trying to gain support and representatives for the new Galactic Senate. The showrunners might even bring back Domhnall Gleeson, whose talents were completely wasted in the sequel trilogy, as the father of a young Armitage Hux. Gleeson would make a wonderfully menacing leader of the Empire loyalist splinter group that would eventually become the First Order.

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The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book are the only live-action installments that occur around the same time in the Skywalker Saga. But both series take place on the edge of the galaxy, far from political intrigue. Plus, they don’t venture very far from planets like Tatooine that have been seen time and time again in the star wars films and television series. This potential spectacle would be rooted in exploring the galaxy – seeing new worlds with new political ideologies all vying for a seat at the New Republic table.

There is a big hurdle to overcome: for a series taking place in the star wars universe, there doesn’t seem to be much action. But look no further than the real world to see that political conflict can often lead to reactionary violence. There’s no reason why there aren’t warring cults that Leia must insert herself into to stop or for an attack to be launched against the New Republic that is testing their resilience as a state. .

In order to star wars to remain relevant, it needs new ideas. Fans deserve a reason why the New Republic failed so quickly and allowed the galaxy to slide back into authoritarianism. A multi-season series set after the fall of the Empire is the perfect way to deliver new content to fans and retroactively enhance sequel films.

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