Star Wars TV Rating

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From 1978, with the single broadcast of The Star Wars Holiday Special, at the start of the 21st century, The Galaxy Far, Far Away’s relationship with television was fraught with difficulty. A handful of TV movies and live-action animated series in the 1980s proved that the resources did not yet exist to produce the look of star wars in a weekly format – although the Ewoks the cartoon got pretty close surviving for two whole seasons. Flash forward to 2003, and the film produced by Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars: The Clone Wars offered a way to dramatize star wars stories on TV in a compelling and profitable way.

Next, the 3D animated sequel clone wars series in 2008 began a tradition of star wars television that continues today with animated programs like Star Wars: The Bad Batch and the live-action success of The Mandalorian. The latter becoming a gateway to an ever-evolving story tangential to the Skywalker saga, but equally epic. Much of this history can be traced back to 2008 clone wars supervising director, Dave Filoni, who went on to create or co-create most of the star wars television.

Of course, the quality and appreciation of each show varies – especially with the recent Boba Fett book. But before the Obi Wan Kenobi the limited series opens up new possibilities in the star wars galaxy, let’s classify them star wars TV shows.

Synopsis: On the sands of Tatoonie, bounty hunter Boba Fett and mercenary Fennec Shand navigate the underworld of the Galaxy and fight to… [More]

Consensus of critics: Boba Fett’s Book could never match the adventures that have existed in fans’ imaginations for decades, but it deserves its commission with spectacular settings and the commanding presence of Temuera Morrison.

Synopsis: Members of a unique clone team find their way through a shifting galaxy in the wake of the Clone… [More]

Consensus of critics: The bad lotThe beautifully animated adventure of may be too heavy for casual viewers, but fans will enjoy diving deeper into this dastardly cast of characters.

Synopsis: Young New Republic pilot Kazuda Xiono is recruited by Resistance Commander Poe Dameron for a secret mission to Colossus… [More]

Consensus of critics: Star Wars: ResistanceThe streamlined story sets the stage for exciting adventures – and seems poised to explore a canvas filled with immediately relatable characters and plenty of potential.

Synopsis: After the fall of the Galactic Empire, a lone gunslinger fights his way through the confines of anarchy… [More]

Consensus of critics: Action-packed and expertly crafted – if a little too restrained at times – The Mandalorian is a welcome addition to the star wars universe that benefits greatly from the kindness of its cargo.

Synopsis: Lucasfilm Animation’s first weekly television series chronicles the adventures of Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and more… [More]

Consensus of critics: With its beautifully animated action sequences and awesome layered storytelling, The Clone Wars‘ final chapter asserts its place as one of the star wars‘ larger entries.

Synopsis: Seven Japanese animation studios bring their unique perspectives on the “Star Wars” universe through a series of short films…. [More]

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Consensus of critics: Beautifully animated and wildly creative, Visions is an eclectic, yet thoroughly enjoyable collection of star wars stories that breathe new life into the galaxy.

Synopsis: This animated entry in the “Star Wars” franchise fills the gap between the events of “Episode III” and “Episode IV”…. [More]

Consensus of critics: rebels gives a new dimension to an unexplored sector of the star wars timeline, inserting a ragtag cast of lovable characters into a galactic adventure all ages can enjoy.