Suranne Jones’ drama Gentleman Jack inspired women to come out, new BBC documentary reveals

It IS one of the BBC’s greatest dramas for years – but Gentleman Jack’s influence goes far beyond just a TV show.

This is revealed in all its glory in a new documentary, airing this month, about how the series has inspired lesbians around the world.


Gentleman Jack stars Suranne Jones and Sophie RundleCredit: BBC

Gentleman Jack Changed My Life tells how the series’ central character, Anne Lister, played by Suranne Jones, encouraged women to embrace life with both hands.

On the show, Suranne says, “She’s a visual reference to their friends, to their parents, to say, ‘Look at this incredible woman.’ They go, ‘This is how I feel. It’s OK to explore my genre in this way. It’s OK to explore my sexuality in this way”.

Sophie Rundle, who plays Lister’s ‘wife’ Ann Walker, adds: “I’ve had so many letters from people saying, ‘I watched the show and got to confront myself with who I am and be comfortable with it.”

The documentary features women of all ages from around the world who have watched the central romance of Gentleman Jack unfold over two seasons, the second of which is currently airing on BBC1 on Sunday evenings.

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Seeing Anne’s real-life drama, which paved the way for Georgian Halifax, inspired many viewers to start a whole new chapter in their lives

This includes fans who recently realized they were attracted to their own gender and decided to date their loved ones.

Among the contributors is a 63-year-old Mormon woman who, after watching the drama, told her two adult children that she was a lesbian.

His two children were entirely supportive.

Another elderly woman was so inspired by Anne and Ann that she came into contact with an old flame who was afraid of having a relationship in the sixties.

It’s a move that rekindled their romance decades later.

If only all television dramas could be so inspiring.

Sunset is always a big deal

THE fifth season of the hit reality show Selling Sunset has just arrived on Netflix.

But I can reveal that the streaming giant’s bosses are already in negotiations to renew the Los Angeles-based show for “multiple seasons” to come.

Selling Sunset's new series has arrived on Netflix


Selling Sunset’s new series has arrived on Netflix

Insiders tell me the producers are looking to secure deals with several of the show’s most popular personalities, including Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn.

At the end of the final season, Chrishell and Christine were both considering their future at the prestigious Oppenheim Group real estate company.

A source said: “Chrishell and Christine are both considering their options.

“They have a life outside of the show that takes priority, but Netflix is ​​determined to keep them on board.”

Lunch a bet for Ed

ED Gamble is worried about gaining weight again after his TV breakthrough as a judge on Great British Menu.

The comedian is watching his diet and working out after climbing to No. 19 during his first few days in stand-up.

Ed Gamble said:


Ed Gamble said: ‘I constantly worry that my weight will go back to what it was before’

But he says he is concerned about restoring the wood, just as he is becoming one of the BBC’s rising stars.

He said: “I constantly worry that my weight will go back to what it was before.”

Ed, who is diabetic, revealed he misses having lunchtime binges, which he described as “a pub crawl, but with coffees”.

He revealed to the Manatomy podcast: “In restaurants now, when I sit down and want to order the whole menu, I have to remind myself, ‘Well, I could come back here – this place isn’t closing today.’ .”

Someone shows him a £3.50 Tesco meal.

Cheshire brides to join doc

DAVINA McCall and Lisa Snowdon recently opened up about their struggles with menopause – now the cast of The Real Housewives Of Cheshire are set to join them.

The stars of the ITVBe show will appear in a unique documentary on the subject, discussing their own menopause experiences and exploring available treatments.

Seema Malhotra from Real Housewives of Cheshire


Seema Malhotra from Real Housewives of CheshireCredit: document

The doc is currently in production and set to air this summer, with Seema Malhotra, Rachel Lugo and Nicole Sealey in talks onboard.

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Seema has previously spoken of “dark” menopausal complications and fearing her body will turn on her at 47.

I’m all for celebrities using their platform for good.