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Team Hell No was hugely popular, and their first anger management class before forming a tag team proved to be one of WWE’s best comedy skits.

Kane and Bryan were signed up for classes due to behavioral issues

Kane and Daniel Bryan (now Bryan Danielson in AEW again) were signed up for classes by Raw General Manager AJ Lee as punishment for their behavioral issues during their feud.

Lee had previously been engaged to Bryan and also showed romantic interest in the Big Red Machine during the summer of 2012. Her rejection at Bryan’s altar led to his anger issues, while Kane lashed out after losing to Bryan at Summerslam.

The classes were led by Dr. Shelby who mentioned that everyone was here because they had anger management issues to which Bryan interrupted that he had no issues (unlike the losers in the room) and couldn’t be calmer.

The doctor then informed them that a member of the class had gone missing (guess who?) and that a child wearing a goat mask walked by shortly after. Bryan having a goat face had been referenced in WWE in previous weeks and it triggered him.

He shouted “No!” (at the time, he was a resentful pessimist who refused to shout his usual catchphrase of “Yes!”) and then proceeded to yell at the child, asking him who had set this up.

Video: The Hilarious Comedy Segments of Team Hell No

Dr. Shelby then approached, informing Bryan that it was his son and that he was playing the role of a goat in his school play Noah’s Ark.

The skit continued with another member of the class, Harold (played by AEW’s now Scorpio Sky), talking about his issues at work with his boss. Bryan interrupted again, discussing his issues with AJ, including putting him in a match with Kane, and despite beating him, he was put in the class.

Kane hilariously listed the majority of his past bad deeds

Bryan then wondered if it could get worse? The doctor apologized for interrupting him, but the last member of the group was there, signaling Kane’s arrival in the room. Bryan was in disbelief, stating that’s what he had to put up with.

Kane was asked to take off the welder’s mask to reveal his usual mask, then asked about his issues, starting with his childhood.

Kane listed many events and bad deeds in his life and career, including burning down his childhood, burying The Undertaker alive twice, recently locking his father Paul Bearer in a meat fridge, as well as weddings and divorces.

Team Hell No was one of the best acts in WWE

He also mentioned his unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose, a former baseball player whom Kane had killed several times during his career.

Dr. Shelby called the class there, asking the group to express their anger creatively for the next week with anger collages. Bryan interrupted again asking if this was anger management or arts and crafts? The segment then ended with Kane threatening band member Harold.

The duo have become one of the most beloved tag teams of recent times

These skits continued over the coming weeks, leading to the formation of a tag team at the request of Dr. Shelby and AJ Lee.

The team went on to take anger management classes and win the WWE Tag Team titles and were one of the most popular acts on WWE television during this time.

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