The 10 best years for comedies, according to Reddit

Comedies have changed a lot over the years. For the most part, the change came in the form of scenes that couldn’t be shot in previous decades. The 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s had a few decent comedies in their own right, but certainly none that tried hard to push the envelope.

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Then the 1970s came along and blew the doors off with a National Lampoon movie, and, as Redditors see it, that was the start of the real history of comedy film. Forum users can even determine which years saw the release of the best comedies, with particularly prolific 365-day periods for the genre.



Animal House and Up in Smoke posters side by side

The late 70s, especially 1978, could be considered the birth years of stoner comedy. 1978 alone saw the release of In smoke, Attack of the Killer Tomatoesand National Lampoon’s Animal House. There were also two Burt Reynolds laughs, Hooper and The endas well as Warren Beatty’s excellent Heaven can wait.

The king of crude comedies, National Lampoon’s Animal House is hysterical to this day even though not everything is particularly well aged. Ggroover97 started a thread to discuss the movie, writing “This movie is just filled with so many memorable scenes from the ‘Shout’ performance at the toga frat party to the Delta house trial it has become one of my favorites very quickly.”


Split image of the plane!  and Caddyshack

The 1980s saw a major start in terms of comedy releases. 1980 alone saw the release of 9 to 5, Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn, Caddyshackby Mel Brooks History of the world, part one, The Blues Brothersand Plane!.

One of the first major parody movies, Jim Abrahams and the Zucker Brothers Plane! is still the best, even with over 40 years between its release and modern times. franchises like horror movie have come close to replicating its success, but Leslie Nielsen’s career reboot film remains one of the most cited comedies of all time. As emilyguy started a thread to write, “Damn I finally watched this movie last week and it’s awesome.”


Beverly Hills Cop and Ghostbusters Posters

According to box office mojo, Beverly Hills Cop was the highest-grossing film at the domestic box office for 1984. In second place by a narrow margin was ghost hunters. These were films starring SNL stars that were so large they exceeded the national total of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom about 50 million. Adjusted for inflation, this equals 135 million. If 1984 was anything for movies, it was the year of the hit comedy. Other hit comedies released during the year were police academy, sixteen candles, Top secret!and It’s Spinal Tap

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Bertrum jumped on a wire to explain his feelings for ghost hunters: “…it’s a perfect blend of comic writing and genre horror elements that isn’t easy to do and the script is truly wonderful….” On a separate thread, NotReallyChrisMedina wrote. writes that Beverly Hills Cop is “a delightful blast down memory lane for someone who wasn’t alive to experience it when it was initially released”.


Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber posters

1994 was the year of Jim Carrey’s breakthrough, and it happened in a big way. Ace Ventura: animal detective came out in February and did very well, but then The mask hit theaters that summer and became a smash hit. Stupid and even dumber then hit theaters in time for the holidays and became another blockbuster. 1995 would produce similar results for Adam Sandler with Billy Madisonbut an artist who releases three major hits in a single year is Hollywood’s ultimate breakthrough.

Stupid and even dumber is arguably Jim Carrey’s funniest film to date, and no remarkably misguided and sexist sequel can alter its impact. Or, as Randym1982 called his thread, “Stupid and even dumber is still a classic and good movie to this day.”


American Pie and Office Space posters

Alongside crude comedy that brings life to life American pie1999 gave audiences the resounding success of Adam Sandler Grandpathe comedy of Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal Analyze itand the hit sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Fucked Me. There was also Mike Judge’s first live-action movie, which can be watched over and over again, office space.

Featuring one of the best comedy movie villains of the 90s, office space has a cult that grows year after year. Toxicysl started a thread asking if the movie is worth watching. A now-deleted user replied “Good God, yes. If you’ve ever worked in a medium to large office, this movie is 100% relatable. Please watch it.”


Anchorman and Shaun of the Dead Posters

2004 contributed several classics to the comedy genre, such as Shaun of the dead, Dodgeball, Presenter: The Legend of Ron Burgundycult favorite Napoleon Dynamiteand Team America: World Police.

Of Will Ferrell’s most iconic film, a now-deleted user wrote “This is so Go***mn awkward and I shamelessly love it all.” It’s ugly, but PresenterThe offbeat awkwardness of is so well written that the film is somehow just as watchable nearly 20 years later as it was in 2004.


Superbad and Knocked Up Posters

2007 wasn’t perfect when it came to comedy movies. On the bottom side were the massively disappointing Farrelly Brothers The broken child, epic movie, evan almightyand norbit. However, even considering Norbit, the benefits more than offset the deficit. 2007 saw the release of classics or small classics such as Warm fuzz, hot rod, Hit At the top, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Junoand super bad.

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A Redditor, dcan1992, started a thread that explained his opinion on super bad in blatant phrasing, calling it “a masterpiece…not only because it’s hilarious and full of great characters and moments, but because it doesn’t date like many sex comedies of the past tend to do so.”


hungover and i love you man posters

2009 provided comedy fans with minor classics such as zombieland, Adventureland, Extractand I love you man, but his most interesting contribution(s) to the genre came down to a single weekend. In the summer of 2009 there wasn’t much hype for either Land of the Losta big-budget adaptation of a 1974 Sid and Marty Krofft television series, or The hangover, a comedy that, at the time, featured no major stars. Logic would dictate that the megabudget movie would take the crown, but the polar opposite happened, and for The hangover, it happened weekend after weekend.

Leslie Chow is one of the best comedic movie villains of the 2000s, but he’s just one of the reasons the original The hangover is a comedy masterpiece. Sadly, many believe that the sequels tarnished the reputation of the first film. Like Jnewton1018, who wrote “The first Hangover is amazing and when it came out it was a cultural phenomenon. Then the cash grab sequels made the whole trilogy seem a little “meh.” “


Horrible bridesmaids and bosses poster

2011 was the year of high-profile comedies, some of which took off, some of which didn’t. On this last side, there was Paul, 30 minutes or less, The change up to, Hall passand Your Highness, all of which still have cult appeal. Then there were the big box office hits, like Bad teacher, Horrible bossesTodd Phillips is not perfect but entertaining The hangover part IIand Paul Feig’s modern classic, Bridesmaids.

Rose Byrne’s Helen is one of the best comedic movie villains of the 2010s, but she’s also just one aspect of Bridesmaids that makes it work so well. Upon its release, Pudie wrote on a Reddit thread “Thought this was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a few years.”


21 Jump St. and Ted Posters

2012 had its fair share of comedic films that failed to garner critical and audience approval, such as He’s my boy, The watch, It’s 40and The dictator. But then there were massive hits like Seth MacFarlane’s. Ted as well as Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s phenomenal 21 jump street. The year also saw the release of underseen charmers like Looking for a friend for the end of the world and David Wain spirit of adventure.

21 jump street Not only is it a clever comedy and easily one of the best films of 2012 overall, but it also served as something of a career revitalizer for Channing Tatum. A now-deleted user wrote of the actor’s performance: “Channing Tatum surprised me with his sense of comedy. I thought he was just eye candy for my girlfriend, but he was hilarious about it.”

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