The 6 best and 6 worst Jim Carrey movies

Jim Carrey and his beard play the role of Tadek, a detective who uncovers dark secrets after noticing similarities between a seemingly open and closed murder case and a fictional murder described in a novel. It’s an interesting and true story, according to Décideur. In good hands, it could have been something commendable. But it was not.

Carrey is doing his best here, but it’s not enough. The film is too badly paced and boring to justify its lack of joy. On Rotten Tomatoes, where he received no love, the critical consensus reads: “‘Dark Crimes’ is a rote and obnoxious thriller that fails to turn its compelling true story and engaged performance by Jim Carrey in even modest shivers. ”

If you think it’s hard, check out these reviews. For the New York Post, Johnny Oleksinksi writes: “That this vulgarity exercise has been done is shameful. Andrew Gaudion wrote for THN: “It’s very rare for a movie to have virtually no redeeming element, but ‘Dark Crimes’ is essentially impossible to recommend beyond those with a morbid curiosity.” For Spectrum Culture, Josh Goller said, “There’s not even much new in seeing Carrey playing so aggressively against the guy in this oppressive and naive work.

We have to agree. The first time you see comedians in dramatic roles it might be a toss. But Carrey has done it more than once, and while the novelty hadn’t faded, it wouldn’t save that inane flop of a thriller.