The best tweets about the Percy Jackson series coming to Disney+

Although it’s been in talks for months, Disney+’s Percy Jackson adaptation has just been officially announced, which means it’s no longer just a floated idea. It’s hitting screens soon, but not soon enough for fans. The books have already been adapted into a series of movies by 20th Century Fox, but fans didn’t like the adaptations, believing there was a lot that the Percy Jackson The TV series could learn from the movies, but ultimately they didn’t capture what made the original books so universally beloved.

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Following the official announcement, fans took to Twitter, making “PERCY JACKSON” trending as they excitedly posted about casting hopes, expected controversies and general buzz about all the show is likely to bring. .

Fanart sharing

One thing that Percy Jackson fans have always been good at making fan art and this artist is no exception. An enthusiastic fan has shared their fan art of the book series, showing off everything the books have to offer and everything they hope to see in the upcoming series.

This piece of fanart features the central trio of the series, as well as fan-favorite characters from other books, like Nico Diangelo, Thalia Grace, and Tyson.

Disney+ mockups

They say you have to see it to believe it, so this fan went all out, creating his own mockup for the show once it’s finished and available to stream on Disney+. The excited fan edited a fake page for the show, using the chapter titles as episode titles and imagining the episodes will be around 25 minutes each.

For anyone who wants the show to be made and available to watch immediately, this mockup might even inspire them to run to their TV and turn on Disney+ in case it’s the real thing.

Jokes and Happiness

This Twitter user is playing on the idea that smiling at your phone should be a sign of romantic interest. If asked why they were smiling, this fan can answer that it’s not because of a cute comment from their partner, but because a long-held hope has come true.

Fans lobbied for a show to be made of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series since the failed film adaptations, and the joy of finally having it would put a smile on any fan’s face.

Recognition of the importance of Percy Jackson

On top of all the excitement, many fans have taken to Twitter to try and impress on others just how much the Percy Jackson book series was for them and their friends. One user compares the book series to a drug and another says it lifted a generation, showing how important the books were to those who read them about a decade ago.

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Fans and creators can only hope the same bug will bite new fans when the show comes out, catching the new series of middle schoolers within reach and getting them to read the show and its spinoffs after the TV series sucked them in. .

Remembering the best times

Some fans took to the excitement to talk about their favorite moments in the Percy Jackson books they want to see adapted for the screen. One such example is when Percy Jackson, in a fit of anger, sends the head of Medusa to the gods, who can turn anyone who looks into her eyes to stone. It’s a core part of Percy Jackson’s character arc as he learns to accept Poseidon as his father.

The scene is a fan favorite and captures the spirit of the Percy Jackson that fans know, love and want to see when they tune in to the Disney+ show.

Expected lines for the first episode

The first one Percy Jackson The book begins with a short tirade from the main character about the gravity of being a demigod (a tirade that fans both love and ignore). This fourth wall breaking moment is iconic and says a lot about the main character.

Fans want to see this line and the breaking of the fourth wall in the new TV show, with the whole show as a warning to the audience.

Opinions on episode titles

Another element of the Percy Jackson series that fans love are the chapter titles, which absolutely sound like they were written by a 12-year-old boy. Chapter titles like “I Become the Supreme Lord of the Bathroom” and “I Battle My Jerk Relative” add flavor to the books and are beloved elements of the series that weren’t present in the movies. .

An easy way to include these elements in a TV series is to put them as episode titles. The episodes don’t have to align directly with the chapters or their original titles, but fans expect them to come at least in the same style.

Casting controversies

Rick Riordan was explicit in Percy’s casting call that ethnicity was not in the casting call description and that they are simply “looking for the best person who can embody the character we know and we all love in the books,” while honoring Disney’s commitment to diversity and representation, we can therefore expect that to be the case for lead characters Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. However, Annabeth’s appearance was a great source of controversy when the films were made, as she is repeatedly portrayed as blonde and gray-eyed.

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Some fans are still devoted to the descriptions in the book, while others are open to anyone playing any role. It’s sure to be a source of controversy in the future, but fans, like this poster, can hope that the majority of fans won’t let something like this affect their enthusiasm for the new series and recognize that diversity and best actor for the role. are the most important things.

Hopes for Logan Lerman

One thing most fans agree on when watching the Percy Jackson movies is that the problems with the movies aren’t lead actor Logan Lerman’s fault. In fact, many think he did a great job as Percy, despite being a bit older than the 12-year-old character in the books.

To honor that legacy, fans have been passionate on Twitter for a while now that Lerman needs to return to the Percy Jackson series as Poseidon, or at least as one of the main gods. As this Tweet shows, that desire isn’t going away anytime soon.

Explain how everyone feels

The thousands of tweets about Percy Jackson may seem confusing to those who’ve never tuned into the show, but they make perfect sense for adult fans seeing a childhood dream come true. Fans laughed and cried at the announcement, and will be sure to do so even more as details and episodes start rolling in.

It may be hard to explain why this series means so much to so many people, but it’s not hard to prove that it does. Percy Jackson fans around the world are rejoicing, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

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