The Flash will end after its ninth season

the flash The TV series started airing on the CW in 2014, however, the story of the world’s fastest man played by Grant Gustin will end soon. There was a lot of speculation among the fans of the series that the ninth season of the flash would be the show’s final season, and the show’s executive producer, Eric Wallace, just confirmed it (as reported by Deadline).

the flash will be leaving The CW after its upcoming ninth season, after nine years on the network. The final season is set to debut in 2023 and will consist of 13 episodes, making it the shortest season of the series.


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In his statement revealing that the show will end next year, Wallace said, “Barry Allen has reached the starting gate for his last big run.” He went on to share his adoration for the series, its cast, and the legacy it will leave behind when it inevitably airs for the last time.

the flash marks the last show of the original Arrowverse on the CW. The Arrowverse consisted of a group of superhero TV series within the DC Comics universe, as they existed in the same universe there would usually be teams among the characters as they all came together to fight a big bad, similar to Justice League or Marvel’s Avengers. Due to major budget cuts and the Warner Bros Discover merger, many shows within the Arrowverse have been axed over the past few years, with some of these series being Arrow, super girl, Legends of tomorrow, Black Lightningand batman.

Due to The CW’s choice to downsize its once-extensive catalog of TV shows, the Arrowverse that once ruled the network in the 2010s will soon be left to rest in 2023. This has saddened many fans of the universe while shows like Legends of tomorrow ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering what was supposed to happen to their favorite characters, and those questions remain unanswered.

Although the flash and the Arrowverse will come to an end on The CW next year, its legacy will not be forgotten as it leaves its mark as one of TV’s first successful superhero shows. This paved the way for other DCEU shows and even for Marvel to start producing its own superhero TV series. As fans prepare to say goodbye to Gustin’s Barry Allen, they can brace themselves for the fastest man alive to return to the big screen feature film starring Ezra Miller.

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Source: Deadline