The highest (and most surprising) salaries for 25 TV actors

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It’s no secret that a lot of your favorite TV stars make a lot of money for their jobs. However, you might be surprised at the exact number of zeros on their paychecks – for each episode.

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Variety recently revealed the salaries of some of the biggest names on the small screen. Considering their income, chances are many actors enjoy their work as much as you enjoy watching the fruits of their labor.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest and most surprising salaries for TV actors right now.

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“The sympathizer”

Robert Downey Jr. is expected to star in the HBO drama series adaptation of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s novel “The Sympathizer,” according to Deadline. His first TV starring role is rumored to have earned him at least $ 2 million per episode, if not more.

“The list of terminals”

Scheduled to debut on Amazon in 2022, Chris Pratt will play James Reece in “The Terminal List”. Bringing home a lot of money, he earns $ 1.4 million per episode for his work on the show.

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‘The old man’

Known for his hit movies like “The Big Lebowski” and “True Grit”, Jeff Bridges will return to television after five decades in 2022 to star in the FX for Hulu series “The Old Man”. The beloved actor will play the role of Dan Chase and earn $ 1 million per episode for his work.

‘Your Honor’

Originally a limited series, Showtime’s “Your Honor” – starring Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato – will return as an ongoing drama series. The show’s second season has 10 episodes and Cranston will be paid $ 750,000 for each.

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‘And just like that …’

To the delight of “Sex and the City” fans, HBO Max has rebooted the series to “And Just Like That”. Original stars Sarah Jessica Parker – i.e. Carrie Bradshaw – Kristin Davis – i.e. Charlotte York – and Cynthia Nixon – i.e. Miranda Hobbs – will reprise their iconic roles.

Parker, Davis and Nixon will earn between $ 650,000 and $ 750,000 per episode. The first season has 10 episodes and is slated to debut in 2021.

‘Easttown Mare’

In 2021, Kate Winslet starred as Detective Mare Sheehan in the HBO limited series “Mare of Easttown”. Best known for her lead role on “Titanic,” the A-lister earned $ 650,000 per episode for her work on the seven-episode series.

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“Only the murders in the building”

Hulu’s new comedy series “Only Murders in the Building” debuted on August 31 – and two of its stars are hitting the jackpot. Hollywood icons – Steve Martin – meaning Charles-Haden Savage and Martin Short – meaning Oliver Putnam – each earn $ 650,000 per episode for the series’ 10-episode first season.

‘The First Lady’

Showtime’s new drama “The First Lady” is set to debut in 2022 with a cast of stars who clearly know their worth. The great ladies Viola Davis – i.e. Michelle Obama – Michelle Pfeiffer – i.e. Betty Ford – and Gillian Anderson – i.e. Eleanor Roosevelt – will each earn $ 600,000 per episode for the show’s first season, which totals 10 episodes.

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‘The last of us’

A serial adaptation of the Sony PlayStation franchise, “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal will star in the upcoming HBO series “The Last of Us”. Scheduled to debut in 2022, Pascal will earn $ 600,000 per episode for his work as Joel in the series’ six-episode first season.

‘Dr. Death’

In his last role, Alec Baldwin stars as Dr. Robert Henderson in the original Peacock drama “Dr. Death.” The series contained eight episodes and Baldwin won $ 575,000 for each.

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A major hit for HBO, “Succession” is set to return for its third season in October 2021 – and the stars of the drama are raking in the money. Brian Cox – i.e. Logan Roy – earns between $ 400,000 and $ 500,000 per episode, while Jeremy Strong – i.e. Kendall Roy – Kieran Culkin – i.e. Roman Roy – and Sarah Snook – that is, Shiv Roy – each earn between $ 300,000 and $ 350,000 per episode.


Angela Bassett is Athena Grant in the Fox drama “9-1-1”. Entering its fifth season on September 20, Bassett has starred in the series since its debut and currently earns $ 450,000 per episode.

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“Ted Lasso”

Starring Jason Sudeikis, Apple’s “Ted Lasso” is such a hit that the series was renewed for a third season before production began on the second season. It’s unclear how much Sudeikis – who is both the show’s co-developer and its lead character – currently earns, but he raised $ 400,000 per episode in the first season.

‘The Conners’

Season four of “The Conners” premieres on September 22, and several “Roseanne” alumni who now star on the follow-up ABC sitcom are paid quite well for their work. John Goodman – meaning Dan Conner – Laurie Metcalf – meaning Jackie Harris – and Sara Gilbert – meaning Darlene Conner – each earn $ 400,000 per episode.

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‘Sir. Mayor’

Legendary TV star Ted Danson’s latest role is as Neil Bremer on the sitcom “Mr. Mayor” – and he earns $ 400,000 per episode. The NBC sitcom debuted in 2021 and has been renewed for a second season.

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