The Mindhunter actor you probably forgot on Glee

Long before playing the role of Holden Ford in “Mindhunter”, actor Jonathan Groff was appearing in the supporting documents in the early 2000s with films like “Taking Woodstock”, while continuing a theatrical career on Broadway through the characters of “Spring Awakening” and “In My Life”. In 2010, Groff would land what would essentially be his breakout role in film and television — playing Jesse St. James, the lead singer of Carmel High School’s Vocal Adrenaline show choir on “Glee.” He first appeared as Jesse in the Season 1 episode titled “Hell-O”, which saw him interact with New Directions’ Rachel Berry at a record store, seemingly by chance. We later find out that he was tasked with wooing Rachel in an effort to sabotage The New Directions.

Although Jesse de Groff only appeared in a total of 14 episodes over Glee’s six seasons, he had a full arc on the show. Jesse’s extended role consisted of first trying to apologize to Rachel for the way he treated her, then taking on the role of Vocal Adrenaline’s new trainer, and finally marrying and supporting Rachel so that she wins a Tony Award on Broadway in the distant future. Jesse de Groff is a fan-favorite character (as seen on Reddit), which became absolutely essential to Rachel’s story in “Glee.”

Groff continues to be an important part of Hollywood. Over the past decade, he’s voiced Kristoff in both Disney’s “Frozen” movies, and recently starred as Dr. Paul David in “And Just Like That…” and the new incarnation of Agent Smith. in “The Matrix: Resurrections”. .”