The Russo Brothers series becomes the second most expensive show of all time

Russo Brothers' Citadel Becomes Second Most Expensive Show Ever

The duo THR calls “perhaps the least spendthrift of filmmakers”, Anthony and Joe Russo
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

If only we loved something as much as the Russo Brothers’ love massive business storytelling.” The sibling directing duo made their bones on the biggest avengers movies of all time, and now Hollywood has given them a blank check to pursue their passion. Which is good, because their passion seems to be – at least – spending an ungodly amount of money.

It seems the filmmakers have pushed the boundaries of this blank check, because even if Netflix can get away with spending the most money it’s ever spent on the best Action movie never realized, other studios are beginning to have qualms. Universal lets the streamer have Electrical condition after a budget dispute, and now it looks like the folks at Prime Video might be biting their nails over the rising cost of the brothers series Citadel.

According The Hollywood Reporter, the spy thriller was plagued with “cost overruns and creative differences”, the latter of which “led to the exit of half of the creative team”. The behind-the-scenes drama caused the seven-episode series to cost more than $235 million, making it the second most expensive television show. all time (behind only its neighbor Prime Video rings of power).

Apparently the plan was to launch a flagship product”avengers-style team”–directed by Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas – who would spawn global fallout for his international spies. But Prime Video didn’t like what it saw after filming, leading to two separate cuts championed by the Russos on one side and writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec on the other. When the Russos were successful, Appelbaum was released and a number of other personnel decided to walk.

Inevitably, there was then a scramble to right the ship, bringing David Weil (Hunters) to rewrite the series and “give it more grounding,” surely a Herculean task on what looks like the least grounded program in television history. Joe Russo was reportedly “heavily involved” in subsequent reshoots, and the series is now in post-production.

THR sources give many excuses as to why the show has become so expensive, including unexpected COVID costs and London’s lack of tax credit accounting, as well as many people in the TV landscape who don’t really know how to make television. (The Russos became famous for directing sitcoms.) Either way, it led to a permanent rift between the Russos’ and Appelbaum’s AGBO and Nemec, who previously had an initial deal with the company.

No release date yet for Citadel, but all eyes will definitely be on this one to see if it was really worth the big budget. (But if anyone at Prime has seen The gray manthey may be a little worried right now.)