The Second Episode of ‘The Bachelor’ Was Filled With Drama | Bachelorwatch

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In the second episode of Clayton Echard’s “The Bachelor” season, we saw him go on two group dates and one one-on-one. He also locked lips with at least eight of the 22 ladies.

Honestly, I lost track of how many women he kissed and was taking notes.

Cassidy and Shanae were the bad guys in the episode. They seem to care more about winning the competition than Clayton’s heart.

On the group’s first date, singer, actress and mom Hilary Duff stopped in for this week’s celebrity appearance, and several of the contestants were tasked with throwing a birthday party for a girl named. Maya. Cassidy made it clear that she doesn’t care at all about helping plan the party and that she just goes out with Clayton most of the time.

Since Clayton made it clear in the first episode that he’s looking for someone to have kids with, I don’t think she’s right for him.

It became even clearer when Sierra told Clayton that before the show started, Cassidy had a friend with a benefits partner and said she planned to meet him again after leaving the show.

Cassidy was given the date set after the group’s first date, but after Sierra’s bombing, Clayton asked host Jesse Palmer if a rose had ever been picked up.

I hope he takes the rose back and sends it packing.

Clayton also gave date roses to Susie, who he shared a one-on-one date with in this episode, and Sarah, who got it after the second group date.

Another drama in the episode included Shanae and Elizabeth fighting during the obstacle course on the group’s second date. I believe Shanae causes unnecessary drama and acts like the mean girl from high school, like when she made fun of Elizabeth for her ADHD.

One thing that doesn’t impress me this season are Clayton’s outfits. He started the first episode in a gorgeous navy blue suit, but once I saw him in a hoodie and suit jacket combo, I was very disappointed. What a casual and shabby outfit to wear when searching for your potential bride in a group of women in stunning dresses.

I was even more disappointed when he showed up with a boring zip-up jacket to a fancy dinner party with Susie. I really hope to see him step up his wardrobe game in the next few episodes.

No woman was sent home in the last episode since it ended before the rose ceremony.

My favorites for Clayton are Marlena, Susie and Teddi.

Now it’s your turn to share your three favorite women. Have you changed your mind since the last episode after knowing more about some women? Go vote in our poll and tell us who you want to see as the last three from Clayton.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until Monday January 24 to find out what happens to Cassidy.