The Walking Dead Showrunner Confirms What We Suspected the Series Ended

It may come as no surprise to dedicated fans of “The Walking Dead,” but the series’ strong departure from the comic book timeline will carry over into its series finale. Through a SyFy interview with series showrunner Angela Kang, while the series started “with the comic book as a basis”, the AMC program also uses “a fair amount of riffs from that as well because we have a different cast of characters who are in the books at the end.” She added that “we’ve gone in different directions in the story, so we’re definitely in a parallel universe to the comics,” but also expressed hope that the finale will honor “elements of theme and intention” from the comic book series.

Indeed, comic book fans will remember that Carl Grimes survived into adulthood in the comics. Through Geek’s Lair, in the comic world pages of “The Walking Dead”, Carl marries Carol’s daughter Sophia, and together they have a daughter named Andrea. The world is peaceful and walkers have been a thing of the past for years. But suddenly, someone stumbles across Carl’s property and he kills her. Carl then learns that the walker has escaped from Hershel Greene’s custody. Greene runs a carnival and walkers are part of his side show, and after killing him, Carl is framed for the destruction of Greene’s property. Carl is then tasked with replacing the walker as a form of penance to the law and to Greene.

Sophia, Hershel, and Carl all died in the TV version of ‘The Walking Dead’, making recreating the comic version of the show’s ending entirely impossible – unless the show wants to erase event seasons. majors. Hey, other dramas have gone there before.