The X-Men’s Children of the Atom Followed DC’s Young Justice Too Closely

marvel’s Children of the atom The comic book series was released in March 2021 but only lasted six issues with a disappointingly abrupt ending. The initial storyline ostensibly focused on teenagers impersonating their favorite X-Men with alien technology they found on a spaceship. However, it shares similar tropes with another superhero team from DC Comics which featured in an animated television series titled young justice.

The X-Men spin-off series follows five teenagers who idolize the popular mutant team so much they yearn to be like them. There’s just one small problem: only one of them is a mutant, while the others are helpless. During this time, the young justice The animated TV show is about the prodigies of beloved Justice League heroes forming their own team. The two series both have their merits while sharing the same narrative DNA; however, there are key similarities and differences between the two that need to be explored further.

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Both of these properties feature teenagers emulating aspects of their heroes, whether because of their training, powers, or values. They work to stop bad guys and fight crime when in their heroic identity. Plus, they’re all a very tight-knit group. They treat each other like family. There is a sense of camaraderie and kinship between everyone. It’s safe to say that these qualities are almost required in a superhero team, but even so, most of the similarities end there.

While the members of Young Justice are prodigies trained by their predecessors, the Children of the Atom emulate their heroes without supervision or mentorship. In this series, the teenagers are at risk of being arrested due to Kamala’s law, which prevents child vigilantes from fighting crime without some form of mentorship. They encounter the X-Men several times throughout the series, who even offer advice to the teens. However, since the Children of the Atom are mostly human, they cannot offer them protection.

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Meanwhile, the heroes of Young Justice have the full support of the Justice League. They have access to gear, special training, and the Justice League archives if they need any of those things. There are no laws or constraints on their presence, and they can act as needed during their missions. Despite the mentorship they receive, each of them wants to branch out and surpass their teachers, like Dick Grayson. During the show, he changed from Robin to Nightwing. Some members have even been promoted to the Justice League, such as Zatanna and Rocket.

young justice remained relevant for a long time, with the series Young justice: foreigners bring new members to the team and tell a new story and Young Justice: Ghosts bring the series to a planned end. Meanwhile, Children of the atom only lasted six issues before it was cancelled. Many factors led to the cancellation of the series. Unfortunately, its debut was cut short and faced numerous delays due to factors beyond Marvel’s control. This inhibited sales, kept fans from picking up the comic, and prevented the series from gaining popularity.

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Perhaps most shocking, however, was when Children of the atomThe second issue of saw a drastic change in the artistic team. Artist Bernard Chang was replaced by Paco Medina and colorist Marcelo Maiolo was replaced by David Curiel. Despite this, Vita Ayala (writer for New Mutants, Heart of Iron 2020and Nubia) was able to script a gripping story with an interesting perspective alongside the rotating panel of artists.

Globally, Children of the atom had a fine run worthy of a miniseries despite the editing issues it had along the way. Maybe this series and concept will get a second chance and tap into the same themes and character arcs that made young justice a success.

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