These are Maggie Q’s best performances, ranked

Launching her career in front of the camera with modeling, Maggie Q began to appear in the cinema in 2000. Make a small appearance in Rush hour 2she started landing bigger roles in successful movie franchises like Mission: Impossible 3 and Live free or die hard. She has also found success on television and recently promoted her new show, Swivel, with Ginnifer Goodwin. Best known for portraying tough secret agent-like characters, her fierce acting style is the perfect fusion of athleticism and grace.

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6 Live free or die hard

20th century fox

In the 2007 action sequel, Live free or die hardQ joins the die hard franchise as May. As the lover and second-in-command of Thomas Gabriel, the villain, she sends a team of assassins to kill a pirate named Matthew Farrell, who is saved by John McClane just in time. Q portrays this dangerous character beautifully, and it was the first time she had taken on a bigger role for such an anticipated film. It is also one of the few times she has played an antagonist.

5 Divergent

Maggie Q in Divergent
Red Wagon Entertainment and Summit Entertainment

Based on the novel series of the same name, Divergent was released in theaters in 2012. With Q playing Tori, who is a member of Dauntless, she is able to show off her ability to switch sides. She gives Tris, the main character, her aptitude test, and later proves to be a great ally against the controlling powers. She reprized her role in the 2016 episode, alleviating. There was also talk of a Divergent TV series on Starz.

4 Priest

Maggie Q in Priest
Screen Gems, Tokyopop and DMG Entertainment

Alongside Paul Bettany, Karl Urban and Lily Collins, Q plays Priestess in the 2011 horror film, Priest. Based on a Korean comic book series, the film follows the journey of a priest who goes rogue to save his daughter from vampires. The Church sends a team—which includes Q’s priestess—to bring him back. However, they are all caught up in something much bigger when they realize the damage these vampires have caused. She helps defeat the main villain, Black Hat, by riding his explosive-riddled motorcycle into the engine of a moving train.

3 Swivel

Maggie Q in Swivel
Mom look! Productions, Kapital Entertainment, Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television

Moving away from action-packed movies and into TV comedy, Q’s most recent performance can be seen in the all-new show Swivel on Fox. Playing the role of Sarah, Q can swap out her spy clothes for a more suburban wardrobe. The plot follows Sarah, Amy and Jodie after the death of one of their friends. The trio decides it’s time for a change and they begin to make impulsive decisions in an attempt to find a new source of happiness. Q finally gets to stretch his acting limbs and not be so serious.

2 Hannah Wells – Designated Survivor

Maggie Q in Designated Survivor
Kinberg Genre, The Mark Gordon Company, Baer Bones and ABC Studios

In the ABC political drama series, Designated Survivor, Q plays Hannah Wells, an FBI agent turned CIA agent. After a massive explosion kills most DC politicians, Tom Kirkman becomes the President of the United States by default. Agent Wells is determined to find out what really happened during the attack on the Capitol, and she eventually discovers links to bioterrorism. Q’s performance in the series is exceptional and she leads fans through exciting hunts as she investigates the events that unfold. Rumors are circulating that the series will be revived on Netflix, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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1 Nikita – Nikita

Maggie Q in Nikita
Wonderland Sound and Vision, Sesfonstein Productions, Warner Bros. Television and Nikita Films

In the 2010 television series, Nikita, Q plays the rogue secret agent, Nikita. After her action-packed journey to destroy the government organization that formed her – Division – she enlists the help of a young woman named Alex. Using it to infiltrate Division, Nikita messes up their missions at every opportunity. However, the root of this evil organization goes much deeper than she originally expected when she discovers Oversight and their black ops. the the show received high marks from critics, and many fans were disappointed when it was cancelled. With four seasons available, audiences can binge-watch his dynamic performance.

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