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Some viewers recognize Breckin Meyer’s voice from the TV series. He had long-running roles in hit anime shows like king of the hill and Robot Chicken. However, the actor also appeared in several films.

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Audiences may recognize Breckin Meyer for his roles in 1990s cult hits like The job and clueless. Some fans say Breckin’s role as Mitt in The job is one of the film’s least likable characters but exhibits his range; in most of Breckin’s much-loved titles, he plays a lovable man.

Kate & Leopold — 6.4

Kate and Leopold presents a unique romantic comedy from the early 2000s. Meg Ryan’s Kate McKay, a New Yorker working in market research, becomes involved with Leopold Alexis Elijah Walker Thomas Gareth Mountbatten, the late Duke of Albany 1800 which is brought into the future.


Breckin Meyer plays Charlie McKay, Kate’s brother. Fans might say the film is an original comedy featuring several lively performances. Others might say it’s a fun fish out of water story.

Rat race — 6.4

rat race is an early 2000s comedy. The film features a cast of comedic actors who play various goofball characters visiting Las Vegas. When they arrive, they meet a man who offers them a large sum of money in New Mexico. Whoever can get there first takes it all.

Breckin Meyer plays Nick Schaffer, a lawyer. He almost doesn’t join the fight for the money until he hooks up with Amy Smart’s Tracy Faucet. Fans of the movie might say it presents a memorable comedy.

The profession — 6.4

Many viewers know The job through his worship. The film features the story of Sarah Bailey, a young witch who joins a coven after moving to a new high school in Southern California. Before long, his new friends become reckless with the power they gain after joining forces.

Breckin Meyer plays Mitt. He’s not the smartest character The job, but fans might be saying he plays a solid role as the main girl group antagonist. fans of The job could say his legacy speaks for itself.

I can’t wait – 6.5

The cast of Can't Hardly Wait.

Some audiences call I can not wait a forgotten and hilarious comedy from the 90s. The story follows Preston Meyers on his graduation day. He goes to a party to confess his love to Amanda Beckett, his longtime crush. Upon his arrival, the events of the film unfold.

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Breckin Meyer plays Walter. He is the lead singer of Lovebürger, the band supposed to play the graduation party, which delays their performance due to arguments. Fans might say Meyer features some memorable one-liners in his short segment of the film.

Travel by car — 6.5

Breckin Meyers and Sean William Scott near a payphone in Road Trip.

road trip is a comedy from the early 2000s. The story reveals the problems facing student Josh Parker. Parker must intercept a package destined for his estranged girlfriend that could negatively affect his relationship.

Breckin Meyer stars in road trip like Josh. Fans may say this is one of her most memorable roles. Others might say the film is a fun time capsule featuring humor and comedic stars of the era like Sean William Scott and Tom Green.

Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 — 6.7

Split image of Breckin Meyer and Dancer Texas Pop 81 poster.

Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 features a group of friends in a small town in Texas. The young men graduate from high school and work to make their dream of going to Los Angeles a reality.

Breckin Meyer plays Keller Coleman. Audiences might say the film presents an underrated comedy-drama. Others may note that the film’s striking landscapes are memorable. The overall cast could stand out from other films.

Préfontaine — 6.8

Jared Leto - Prefontaine

Prefontaine is a sports film from the late 1990s. It features Jared Leto’s Steve Prefontaine on his journey to becoming a famous long-distance runner. The film presents a true story based on the real events of the racer’s life.

Breckin Meyer plays Pat Tyson, another track runner Prefontaine meets in college. Viewers might say that the film features an interesting true story and is one of the most underrated sports films of the era.

Carefree — 6.9

Breckin Meyer in Clueless

Many fans are calling clueless one of the best teen movies of the 90s. It tells the now iconic story of Cher Horowitz, a wealthy young socialite from Beverly Hills. The events of the film show her coming of age as she falls in love, faces challenges in friendships, and grows into the famous comedy.

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Breckin Meyer plays Travis Birkenstock, the doofy skater and lover of Brittany Murphy’s Tai Frasier. Fans might say her role is memorable and gives the movie several funny moments. Others may say it’s one of his most iconic roles.

Go — 7.2

Breckin Meyers and Taye Diggs in a car at Go.

Goes is a comedic crime thriller from the late 1990s. The story features several characters whose lives intertwine on one wild night. Young people face the tumultuous results of guns, drugs, fast cars and strip clubs in the cult film.

Breckin Meyer plays Tiny. He is joined by Taye Diggs, Melissa McCarthy, Timothy Olyphant and Katie Holmes, among others, in the ensemble cast. Fans may not be surprised Go on high rating, considering his fan following.

The initiate — 7.8

The insider is Breckin Meyer’s highest rated film. It tells the true story of a whistleblower in the tobacco industry in the early 1990s. The film hails from Michael Mann and features Al Pacino and Russell Crowe in lead roles.

Breckin Meyer has a small supporting role as Sharon’s Tiller’s son. Fans of the movie might say it gives audiences a compelling true story. Others may say it is memorable due to its performances and direction.

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