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The Holiday friends the character cast offers a roster of stellar comedic talent; here is what the actors have been before. Recently released on Hulu, it tells the literal story of an odd pair of two mismatched couples who meet during a week’s vacation in Mexico. A couple is tense, there to relax and celebrate their engagement. The other couple is there to go wild. When they go their separate ways, the tense couple assume everyone realizes that this was just a temporary bond formed while they were all on vacation and getting back to their normal lives.

Their wild week in Mexico comes back to haunt them, however, when their wedding weekend is crushed by the other crazy couple, who apparently took what happened during their drunken nights in Mexico as a lifelong bond. . Comedic shenanigans ensue, tension mounts, and there is an inevitable falling out before the equally inevitable reunion.

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Of course, some of the storylines are completely ridiculous – what weird comedy would be complete without it? It takes a talented cast of actors to pull off the dumbest, hottest sequences while bringing home the genuine and unexpected friendship at the center of the film. Here is the cast of Holiday friends and where the public has seen them before.

Lil Rel Howery as Marcus

Lil Rel Howery’s Marcus could be considered the protagonist of the film. Upright and responsible, he’s desperate to get his fiancée Emily’s father to respect him for once – or at least stop actively hating him. It is not an easy task. Howery has been on a number of recognizable projects, and this summer has been a good one for him, he recently appeared as Buddy in free guy. Other notable films include Get out, Label, Bird box, Judas and the Black Messiah, and Bad trip, among others. TV roles include The Carmichael Show, playing Quentin on Unsafe, and Rel on Rel.

Yvonne Orji as Emily

Yvonne Orji embodies Emily, the future wife of Marcus and the cool head of their couple. Emily is a lot less stuck up than Marcus and sometimes wonders if they need to relax and have more fun. Still, her father’s dislike of Marcus is a source of tension. Orji is relatively new to Hollywood, with her most notable role to date being Molly Carter in Unsafe. She also had brief guest passages on Joan the Virgin and A black lady sketch show. In the same way Holiday friends, Orji’s other films include 2020 Spontaneous and 2018 Evening school.

John Cena as Ron

John Cena plays Ron, who is the kind of friend everyone had at least one in college – the friend who drank the most, was the toughest, and was always ready to do the stunts and pranks the most. crazy, but who always got out of it unscathed. Cena had one heck of a 2021 himself, also featured in F9 and The suicide squad. Cena also returned to WWE SummerSlam 2021 earlier this summer. Other films include the Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, Fight with my family, Blockers, Play with fire, Rail accident, and the daddy’s house movies. Obviously, Cena turned his staged wrestling sense and odd timing into over-the-top comedy in his leap to Hollywood.

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Meredith Hagner as Kyla

Kyla de Meredith Hagner is Ron’s partner and the love of his life. She is sweet, bubbly, supportive and completely inappropriate in the worst possible times, with no sense of limits. Hagner has a strong television resume in comedies and dramas, with notable roles as Portia Davenport in Research group and Amy on Men at work, with other roles on royal pains and Younger. Hagner’s film roles have ranged everywhere from horror to independent comedy to superhero horror flick. Sharp burn, Palm springs, Ingrid goes west, Implement and The oath.

Holiday friends support the casting

holiday friends - robert wisdom

Robert Wisdom as Harold – Emily’s father, Harold is well-off and despises Marcus for having what he considers a modest blue collar job. Wisdom has had a long career with a number of notable roles including Bobby Washington in This thing you do!, Coleman Carlisle on Nashville, Howard ‘Bunny’ Colvin on Thread, and Lechero on Prison break.

Andrew Bachelor as Gabe – Emily’s brother, Gabe has a special hatred for Marcus thanks to the fact that Marcus once hit him at a family reunion. Bachelor is known to have played TJ Gigak on The Mindy project, Trayvon on Black jesus, King Bach in King Bachelor’s Pad, John in The Babysitter and Freezee in the Meet black people movies.

Kamal Angelo Bolden as Bennet – Gabe’s friend who comes to the wedding and participates in Gabe’s confrontations with Marcus. Bolden has had guest appearances on TV shows Rosewood, Treason, and Chicago fire, and movies The night before and Elvis & Nixon.

Denise Burse as Grandmother Phyllis – Emily’s grandmother who would be almost in a coma before Kyla took her out of her shell. Burse is best known for her longtime role as Claretha in Payne’s house, and appeared in other shows such as Manifesto, The wonderful Mrs. Maisel, and acclaimed Black mirror episode “San Junipero”.

Other Holiday friends the supporting cast includes Lynn Whitfield as Suzanne, Emily’s mother; Tawny Newsome as Brooke, Emily’s sister; Carlos Santos as Maurillio, the hotel employee in Mexico; Chuck Cooper as Larry, Marcus’ father; and Anna Marie Horsford as Nancy, Marcus’ mother.

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