VanMoof Claymation comedy ad shows animator genius Tim Burton and Wes Anderson

VanMoof, an e-bike brand based in the Netherlands, has teamed up with animation gurus Rowdy for this witty spot showcasing the safety features of its bikes.

In what could have been a fairly dry topic, “Hard Times For Super Thieves” is a documentary-style film filled with one-liners that cleverly focuses on the elaborate careers of three people who pride themselves on being the best crooks.

Directed by Tobias Fouracre, who has worked on award-winning films including Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and Wes Anderson’s Fantasic Mr Fox, the video shows the three characters recounting many of their past triumphs. The ‘Master Lockpicker’, ‘Cyber ​​Security Specialist’ and ‘International Art Thief’ each used their ‘skills’, but to no avail – they can’t slide the bike.

In a blog post, Fouracre said of the characters, “They’re all very different from each other, so that was good. I immediately had ideas about the Master Lockpicker: I knew he had to look like a cross between Terry-Thomas and Salvador Dali.

He noted that the perception of animators can sometimes be a bit stereotypical.

“When a lot of people think of stop motion, they might think it’s a lonely person in a dark room building little puppets and little sets and animating them like some kind of alchemist. But that’s not just like that – there’s a whole crew, just like live-action.

“You have a cameraman, an assistant cameraman, and even a puppet-making team that’s split into several different departments. You have fabric people, sculptors, and armature people – that’s the skeleton inside the puppet.