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Those of us who like to read either for pleasure or to train and learn new things, we are leaving a lot of money in books. A book is not cheap, a hardcover version usually has a price between 20-25 euros and a softcover around 10 euros. If you like to read and buy books with some frequency it is easy to leave good money in them.

Therefore, so that this profitable hobby does not make a hole in your pocket, we will see a series of tips, many of them common sense tricks, so that you can save money on books.

How to Save Money on Books

How to Save Money on Books

Avoid the New Versions

Newly released books or new versions of old books are much more expensive. The best thing is that you do not buy this type of works. Put them on hold to get you with them. If you can be tempted to buy such a book, ask yourself: Why do I have to have it right now? Can I wait?

Read Comments

Comments help separate wheat from pay. It’s a terrible feeling to spend 20 euros on a book to discover that you don’t like it or that it wasn’t what you were looking for. There are many pages about books on the internet, with opinions, reviews and comments on books. Find a source of trust and use it to not waste your money.

Here is a page, which is like a social network about literature: Lecturalia

Search Bargains and Offers

Search for cheap books at fairs, thrift stores, library book sales, etc. If you are patient and have a general idea of ​​what you want you can build a fantastic library for very little money.

Also look for offers and discounts from the main bookstore chains. It is quite easy to find a discount of books that interest you. For example this Flipit discount at the Casa del Libro.

Use Amazon frequently

Not only to buy books but as the main reference site. On one page you have opinions, prices, related works. And for many books, you can see a preview of the first pages. You can check the release date of the book. And make your own “reading list” with the books you want to buy or read.

Use the Public Library

Possibly the key advice. A library’s free loan system can save you a lot of money. Also not only in books, but in magazines, CDs, DVDs, etc. Visit it frequently and use its website to see the latest news.

Explore Used Book Stores

Explore Used Book Stores

Discovering these used book stores can save a lot of money. They usually have books of very different themes and at an almost unbeatable price. If you discover one in your city do not forget to visit it periodically and if it also has a website, much better, because you can find out about news.

Buy only what you are going to read

Buy only what you are going to read

This may seem obvious but many times, we tend to buy a book just because it seems interesting to us and then we never read it. This can be a great expense of money. So a good method is to buy new books only after reading the last ones you have bought.

Lend books to family and friends and vice versa. Before buying it, ask them if they have the book in their library. Create an informal book exchange network among your acquaintances. It is a great way to save money.

What do you think of these tips to save money on books? Can you think of some more?