What if these K-dramas had Filipino remakes? And who should star in them?

Manila, Philippines – It is undeniable that Filipinos are big fans of South Korean series and movies. With most of these shows now readily available on streaming platforms, the Philippines is often included in the list of countries with dedicated K-dramas audiences.

But even before its recent global popularity, some Filipino fans had already watched such series, back when they were still called Koreanovelas, and viewers had to wait more than a week for an episode to be properly subbed. titled in English.

Filipinos love these K-dramas so much that we even started adapting some of them, starting in 2008. Remember Rhian Ramos, Dingdong Dantes and Glaiza de Castro in stairway to Heaven or Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson and Enchong Dee in My daughter?

Over a decade later, we still see the local entertainment industry creating its own Filipino versions of Korean media. blockbuster movies Miracle in cell number 7, Miss Granny, and more than blue were adapted for Filipino audiences. This 2022 we see Jodi Sta. Maria and Zanjoe Marudo in the Filipino version of Doctor Foster and married world, Lovi Poe and Piolo Pascual in a remake of Flower of Evil, and Bea Alonzo and Alden Richards in the adaptation of A moment to remember.

As expected, adaptation news often elicits mixed reactions. While some fans are excited to see their favorite K-dramas localized, others are also against the idea, saying we should instead just write our own stories instead of basing our content on other people’s storylines. Some fans have also pointed out the differences in treatment and storytelling between local TV series and K-dramas, which generally affect how shows are remade.

But even with those valid points, we still can’t help but wonder what our favorite K-dramas or movies would look like in a Filipino setting, played by Filipino actors. Therefore, we asked our Rappler readers if there was a series they would like to adapt into a Pinoy version, and who they think should play it.

Here are some of their responses:

dream high

Imagine if members of several P-pop groups got together for a teleserye?

dream high follows the story of six college students as they fulfill their dream of being K-pop idols. Played by second-generation idols Miss A’s Suzy, IU, T-ara’s Eun-jung, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, and Kim Soo-hyun, the coming-of-age drama highlights the talents of the members of singing, dancing and performing cast. .

Given that our P-pop groups went through years of training before making their official debut, we’re pretty confident that they can keep up with all the performance segments that a Filipino adaptation of this story requires, as well as relate to the show. conflict, which is the challenge behind being a celebrity.

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This winter, the wind is blowing

Kathryn Bernardo and Jericho Rosales might be an unlikely pair, but we can’t help but agree that these veteran actors could pull off heartbreaking melodrama like This winter, the wind is blowing.

We’ve never seen Kathryn and Jericho play side-by-side before, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from K-dramas, it’s that even new couples can have undeniable chemistry.

Originally played by Jo In-sung and Song Hye-kyo, This winter, the wind is blowing follows an orphan and a blind woman who does not believe in love. Both dealing with personal scars, both have learned to find love in each other.

My name

Nadine Luster’s fans are clamoring to see the actress in an action project, and one can’t help but think that the action crime series My name, which starred Han So-hee, would suit him perfectly.

The story follows revenge-driven Yoon Ji-woo as she joins a criminal network to find her father’s killer. She then ends up taking on a new name and identity as she goes undercover as a cop, through which she discovers the cruel truth behind her father’s death.

If any of these local stars can give off bad-ass vibes and get us emotional in important scenes, you better believe it’s Nadine.

Hotel Del Luna

There’s just something about K-dramas and how creatively they execute fantasy and supernatural series. They had several hits (Goblin, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, W: Two Worlds, The Legend of the Blue Sea, to name a few) but among them is Hotel Del Luna we would love to have a Filipino adaptation of .

Solo actress IU led the series as Jang Man-wol, the CEO of Hotel del Luna, whose clientele consists of ghosts. Aside from the romance between Man-wol and Chan-sung, the assistant manager who unexpectedly landed a job at the hotel, Luna Hotel also captivated viewers through Man-wol’s fashion in the series.

And if we’re talking about versatile actresses who are also certified fashionistas, we think Heart Evangelista and Anne Curtis could definitely fit the character of Man-wol.

Boys above the flowers

K-drama fan or not, we’re sure you know how Boys above the flowers goes, given that Filipino audiences have seen multiple versions of meteor garden already – two from Taiwan, another from Thailand.

Rumors of a Filipino adaptation have been swirling around for years, but so far we haven’t seen anyone step into the shoes of Geum Jan-di and Goo Joon-pyo.

Still, while the hit series will soon get its Pinoy remake, we’re hoping to see Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan as core cast members – especially since DonBelle’s loving team already has a hit series. high school drama themed, He is in her, under their belt.

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Possibly one of the lightest K-dramas in recent years, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo was an instant fan favorite.

Sharlene San Pedro fans say she looks just like the lead actress. And considering Sharlene Goin’ Bulilit story, we think it could bring out the eccentricity and charm of Bok-joo’s character.

Answer 1988

The story of a close-knit neighborhood, a remake of Answer 1988 will surely resonate with Filipino audiences.

It features the Ssangmundong team, a group of childhood friends who grew up in the same neighborhood, as they face their family challenges, first loves and friendships together.

Since the connection between the main stars is important, we believe that Charlie Dizon, Joshua Garcia and Jameson Blake will play the characters of Duk-sun, Taek and Jung-hwan respectively. The trio have already proven their chemistry in past projects, and we believe that will be reflected in the remake as well.

we are all dead

Filipino fans have always been receptive to zombie apocalypse or survival-themed shows, but we’ve never had a TV series about it.

we are all dead revolves around the virus-infected Hyosan High School, whose surviving students try to defend themselves against a zombie apocalypse. Same with the hit K-drama, fans are also hoping that if the series is adapted, it should instead feature up-and-coming actors.

Yes, projects like this are usually big productions, so fans understand why it’s rare for shows like this to be adapted for the Philippines. Until then, our very own zombie-themed Filipino teleserye will remain a pipe dream.

Are there any other K-dramas that you would like to have a Filipino adaptation? Tell us in the comments section! – Rappler.com