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Wondering what’s new to watch this vacation? Here is something for you. The beloved men (and women) in Reno blue return once again to take you on a hilarious voyage on the high seas.

Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon will follow deputies from the Reno Sheriff’s Department on a new mission. The team is on the hunt for Q – the one and only entity behind all of the QAnon conspiracies. In their effort to find the person, they find themselves stuck in a QAnon convention and find themselves at sea, literally and metaphorically. They somehow manage to escape the convention but discover that they have landed on an island, which is none other than the old island of Jeffrey Epstein.


The upcoming special brings back the members of the show’s original cast, including Thomas lennon, Robert Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney-Argent, Cedric Yarbrough, Carlos alazraqui, Wendi McLendon Covey, Niecy nash, Marie Birdsong, and Ian roberts.

An expansion of the original comedy television series Reno 911!, Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon is a mock documentary style parody of popular law enforcement documentary shows / series. It is created by renowned comedy stars like Thomas lennon, Robert Ben Garant, and Kerri Kenney-Argent who are also the core cast members, as well as co-executive producers. John landgraf, Michael shamberg, Stacey Sher, Danny devito, Pierre Principato, Christian Hoffmann, and David Lincoln also serve as executive producers. The next special is produced by Robert Ben Garant.

A holiday watch or not, Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon that sounds like a lot of fun. So, make yourself comfortable on your couch, grab that eggnog, and join Reno’s best on their new mission. We’ve put together a handy guide on where and how you can watch this special comedy.

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It’s Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon streaming online?

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Yes, Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon is a Paramount + original series, which means it will be streaming on the service. You can sign up for the Paramount + app on your mobile or smart TV devices and stream the show.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use an app and prefer to watch on the web browser, you can also bookmark the show link on any browser before the premiere. This link will take you directly to the show’s landing page on the Paramount + website.

The best way to watch Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon is to get a subscription with Paramount +. The streaming service offers two subscription plans – Essential and Premium. The Essential package for $ 4.99 per month ($ 49.99 per year) includes ads and includes free access to a host of TV shows (original and other networks), movies, live sports , etc. The Premium plan, for $ 9.99 per month ($ 99.99 per year) is not ad-free, but comes with limited ads, HDR content, access to 4K videos, download options, and more.

When is Reno 911! The hunt for the premiere of QAnon?

According to the latest updates, Paramount + a announcement than the first of Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon will arrive just in time for Christmas. The all-new comedy special will arrive on the streaming network on Thursday, December 23, 2021, making it perfect for your vacation watchlist.

Do you need to watch the previous seasons of Reno 911! Before looking at Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon?

reno-911! -cast
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Not really. For those new to this Reno Sheriff’s Department family, it might be a good idea to watch a few random episodes from previous seasons of Reno 911! and just learn briefly about the characters. But it is not necessary. Although Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon is an extension of the team’s hilarious adventures, it’s a standalone story. Another way to get acquainted with the comedy series and its characters is to watch the 2007 film Reno 911! Miami. The film also features the main cast and a brand new plot, not directly related to the series.

The original comedy series Reno 911! Initially aired on Comedy Central from 2003 to 2009. The show was then relaunched on Quibi for its seventh season, before the streaming service’s untimely demise. From 2021, all six seasons of Reno 911! airs on HBO Max and Paramount +. So if you want to know Reno’s Finest a little better before Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon starts streaming, you can do that on Paramount + itself and then start watching the next special.

Can you watch Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon without Paramount +?

Unfortunately no. Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon is a Paramount + original series, which means that it will air exclusively on Paramount + and you will only be able to watch it on that particular streaming platform. You can choose between web version or mobile app version. In any case, all Paramount + content is available only by subscription. If you want to use the dedicated Paramount + app, it is currently available for use on your home computers, smart devices, and game consoles.

Look at Réno 911! The hunt for the QAnon trailer

Paramount + has released a teaser video for Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon November 18, 2021 on its official channel with a promotional poster. The teaser is pretty straightforward and straightforward with Lennon, Nash, Kenney-Silver, Garant, and Yarborough as Lt. Jim Dangle, Deputy Raineesha Williams, Deputy Trudy Wiegel, Deputy Travis Junior, and Deputy Sven Jones, respectively. The team announces that they are coming back once again and joking that the networks couldn’t cancel them.

A full trailer for the special was released on December 9, 2021. It features the team preparing for their mission (by tanning and waxing). The clip also features some hilarious scenes and reveals that there is a bombshell involved. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun in the new special.

Other comedy shows like Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon on Paramount +

If you want Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon, then you can also watch some other well-rated comedy series on Paramount +.

Piece: Created by Jim reynolds, Piece is a classic sitcom series that follows a white family from the Midwest and how they adjust to their new neighborhood in California. Dave Johnson and his family leave their small town in Michigan and move to Pasadena, California. He discovers that the new neighborhood is quite different from where they lived. What he knew to be common and acceptable, such as being friendly with neighbors, is not appreciated in this neighborhood. Soon Dave realizes that it will be hard work integrating into the new community and connecting with his neighbors, especially the next door neighbor, Calvin Butler, who seems very suspicious of the Johnsons. Piece characteristics Cedric the Animator, Max Greenfield, Tichina arnold, Beth behrs, Sheaun mckinney, Marcel spears, and Hank greenspan in major roles, among others.

Business: If you thought your tiresome 9-5 is crushing your soul and making your life miserable, then this show might make you feel a little better. Business is about, well, life in a company. It follows two employees of a multinational and shows how miserable their lives are. Matt Engelbertson and Jake Levinson are two junior executives at Hampton DeVille, a large corporation. As both interns advance in their careers, they face difficult managers, among others, and attempt to overcome obstacles as expected in a corporate setting. The comedy series is directed by Pat Bishop and Matt Ingebretson, who are also the co-creators of the show with Jake weisman. Business stars Ingebretson, Weisman, Anne Dudek, Adam lustick, Aparna Nancherla, and Lance Reddick in the main roles.

The strange couple: Developped by Matthieu perry, Danny jacobson, and Joe keenan, The strange couple follows two single men who decide to share a living space. Oscar Madison and Felix Unger were college friends and roommates too. While Felix is ​​a neat, neurotic, and picky freak, Oscar is his complete opposite – carefree, carefree, and easy-going. After decades, they meet again. Only this time their marriages have failed and they are unhappy. This 2015 series is the seventh production of a 1965 play written by Daniel Simon. Previously, The strange couple was adapted for a 1968 film, an original 1970 television series, a morning cartoon, a reboot of the original series in 1982, a TV movie, and a 1998 sequel to the 1968 film. The strange couple with Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon, Lindsay sloane, Yvette nicole brown, and Wendell pierce in leading roles.

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