Why does British politics look like a TV show?

“When we feel overwhelmed we are less able to defend our interests and those of our communities and this is a real source of long-term concern,” she adds.

This is further aided by social media that feeds this democracy disconnect. When you witness the political turmoil through an endless stream of memes and parody shots, it can be easier to consume but harder to engage with.

This is something that was explored in Max Horkheimer and Theodore Adorno 1944 The dialectic of the Enlightenment. Theorists argue that “the whole world has passed through the filter of the cultural industry” and that “the familiar experience of the moviegoer, who perceived the street outside as a continuation of the film he had just left, because the film strictly seeks to reproduce the world of everyday perception, has become the production guideline.

The blur between what’s real and what’s fake is harder to decipher right now – and with much of what we experience often far removed from reality, disengaging from it all can sometimes be a space. safe from all the chaos. But it’s important to stay engaged whenever possible and to take small steps to make it happen if you’re having trouble doing it.

“Despite the protests against social mediawe are fortunate to have quality news and political coverage every day UK», explains Dean. “Taking the time to engage with it and criticize it where you disagree is probably the key first step to being an active citizen.”

Dean adds that another way to re-engage in politics is to focus on what’s happening locally in your area. “What happens in your local council is hugely important in terms of the public services you receive, whether it’s schools, waste bins or social services. While local government is often seen as boring, learning who your local councilors are and how they are empowered to improve your community helps people realize the practical ways in which politics shapes their daily lives.

While burying our heads in the political sand may seem like the most appealing option, it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening before our eyes.

And as we prepare for another Prime Minister to take the reins, hopefully the next “season” of the very chaotic times we live in will have much more stability.