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Fueguia 1833 is a sophisticated perfume brand founded by perfumer Julian Bedel in 2010.

Each collection is created in limited quantities, with the best raw materials originating from Argentina, and is inspired by and pays homage to South American culture.

To understand why Emirates woman spoke to the brand’s highly regarded perfumer about what it takes to create a niche.

What does the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I adapt very well to the seasons and the places where I am, but above all, as soon as I am up, I drink an espresso, I feed my cat and I go for a walk.

What is at the heart of Fueguia 1833, the DNA?

What is at the heart of the business is a very conscious approach to everything we do.

I’m an artist, and when I work, it’s like working with a canvas, and a color palette. I am very keen on exploring the variety of what nature has to offer, especially in South America.

In this virgin territory, we have a process of outsourcing rare natural plants often used for the first time in perfumery. This allows us to explore all the facets of nature, and all the facets of the olfactory journey that we wish to sublimate. That’s also why we have over 100 scents to ensure a creative assortment so everyone can enjoy variety, versatility, but most importantly, everyone can find their own scent. I invest heavily in R&D, ingredient production, botanical research and technology associated with the pharmaceutical extraction of botanicals, to ensure that we preserve the best and reveal authentic fragrances. My constant effort towards research naturally requires respecting nature and respecting raw materials during their availability: exclusivity is also what we represent at Fueguia 1833, this is the reason why we only produce a limited series. of perfumes.

Tell us how your past experiences led you to found your own brand?

It all started as an art project and an installation in a space I rented in Buenos Aires. It was part of my quest at the time to experiment and showcase my work in order to express my artistic and creative vision. Like any artist, you tend to keep exploring mediums, pigments, textures, colors, so there I was, as an independent artist with an independent project, taking the first step to revealing my work to the public , to depict the landscapes of Patagonia through an olfactory experience, distilling rare and exotic plants. This was the genesis of the whole concept.

How did you know you were ready to take the plunge and launch your own brand?

The gallery showcase sparked interest and triggered an even greater creative and artistic thrill in me. I realized that what I had created could be explored further and could be layered with many other creative and artistic facets. I also had the privilege of meeting a woman who thought my project was too cool not to see the light beyond the gallery window. She became my first investor, and I started building and creating a bigger canvas: my company Fueguia 1833.

Have you had any mentors along the way and if so, what was the best advice they gave you?

The beauty of life is that you get to meet lots of people and connect with lots of spirits. I had many mentors along the way. My father is an artist, I have always been influenced by his vision, as well as Victor Grippo (also an artist) whom I have followed closely. My friends are also important. I pay attention to what surrounds me in general. It occurred to me that my significant people all have a very conscious approach, through their behaviors and actions – I’m also very similar, hence the combination of my personality and the personality of my mentors lead me to explore the foundations of a business that would be vertically integrated to reflect my values.

Fueguia 1833 bottles

How do the creative and business sides of the business work together, and do you feel particularly drawn to one side of the business?

I definitely feel like I belong in the creative realm, because my whole nature is an endless quest to express my views on creativity and art. Creativity and sales are intimately linked but I approach them very differently from each other. 100% of my decisions are influenced by my creative sense or my sensitivity, then the business side must be rigorous so that the verticality of the company remains consistent.

The numbers of each flavor are limited, can you tell us about this strategy and was it a clear objective from the start?

It was definitely the main thing from day one, it was also a reflection of how many ingredients we could tackle in our creative process given that each of the ingredients has a certain limit available.
400 bottles are created per batch: each creation includes the year of production and a serial number and is manufactured respecting the availability of natural ingredients. There is no expiration, nor preservatives used in the creations, which makes the perfumes evolve over time, mature and macerate, offering exclusive perfumes. Some of these exclusive fragrances have witnessed 10 years of maceration and have been carefully selected for inclusion in the company’s ‘vintage cellar’ at the flagship store in Milan.

What has been the biggest challenge since launching the brand, how did you overcome it?

I’m not sure I can mention one major challenge in particular; I believe that running a business brings you challenges all the time. The fact that we are a vertically integrated company puts us at the forefront of every business and creative angle that we must approach meticulously and with fairness. I’m from Argentina, where we don’t have a lot of resources, it’s also a big part of my decision to start the company in Argentina because the lack of resources forces us to think outside the box and makes us creative for find solutions when we face challenges.

Last year was a period that saw brands change their strategy. Have you had to pivot as a business?

Covid impacted the world by shaping a new form of social thought and behavior, however, we remained focused and consistent by keeping the same strategy and creative direction.

How has social media affected the business and which platform has been most helpful?

We pride ourselves on building a community of connoisseurs and people who truly understand and appreciate the essence of the brand. Our social media is deliberately very low-key: we appreciate taking the time to develop a platform where we will gradually nurture and engage more.

Fueguia 1833 pieces

Do you see any buying trends in the world in terms of perfumes and if so which ones?

At Fueguia 1833 there are no particular trends in purchasing behavior, I would say that it depends a lot on seasons, mentalities or cultural preferences. I sincerely believe that the quest to discover different or new ingredients is constant because it creates new emotions and new memories. In the company, we do not create scents according to preferences or aromatic families, our creations are not influenced by trends.
We adapt our creations according to what nature has to offer, and that is why our olfactory journeys can change and offer a lot.

What is your favorite and why?

I don’t have a personal favorite as it always changes. I believe that the seasons have an impact on my preferences. Currently, I wear Negus because I like resins and wood. I love nature, I love trees. Négus is the best illustration of this.

This is the question of integrity – what does integrity mean to you?

Integrity is not only a way of seeing things but more our actions in the world. I believe my integrity is seen in the way I have shaped and formed my business and incorporated all the values ​​I stand for into it. I am very attentive to my surroundings and very careful in my way of exploring things, which is why the products we offer must remain faithful to what we believe in, nothing that can harm nature. My art consists of exploring nature and sublimating the beauty of nature. All of this has energy, and I am very attentive to anything that has energy. I always try to respect and protect him.

My investment, my consumption and my behavior are very targeted, meaningful and as relevant as possible. I buy old guitars, I work with a craftsman from Venice, I live in a house built in the 17th century. I love anything that has a soul, because I think that’s all integrity is all about.

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