Why NBC’s The Courtship Failed To Capture Bridgerton Fans

The courtship combining a reality-style encounter with a Bridgerton-style courtship seemed like a great idea; the ratings and fate of the show proved otherwise.

reality series The Courtship was moved from NBC to the USA cable network after just two episodes. Take inspiration from Netflix’s hit original series Bridgertonmany were waiting The Courtship to attract a large audience of this audience, but the ratings did not come close to the huge numbers of Bridgerton public.

The Courtship – which was originally commissioned by NBC’s Peacock streaming service – combined elements of The single person and Bridgerton, with the series made to look like Regency England as 16 suitors tried to impress not just the series’ “heroine” Nicole Remy, but her “court” of family and friends. However, they didn’t impress the viewers, so why The Courtship to not have enough time Bridgerton is a resounding success?

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Dance in the Yard

So what was wrong? The marketing for The Courtship looked cheesy, but any reality TV series will have its fair share of cringe-worthy moments. It looked like the show would be down the aisle from The single person fans, but The Courtship felt a little over designed. The Regency-era backdrop, clothing, and customs seemed too exaggerated and procured to properly fit the 21st century style of reality TV that Single fans love it.

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Court Tea

Bridgerton fans did not appreciate The Courtship That is. Sure, Bridgerton takes creative liberties with the Regency era, like the music used in the show, but in a well-done, cinematic way (like the Season 2 trailer recreating a Pride and Prejudice moment). Putting the Regency frame in a series of reality dating felt more like a mockery of everything Bridgerton fans love that a celebration. The heroine’s court also picked her dates for her, which is an outdated part of Regency court that’s nice in fictional projects but not so great in the context of modern dating.

Regency-era courtship revolves heavily around social decorum and polite behavior, which are almost the antithesis of the modern reality dating series. Although many Single fans might also like Bridgerton, this is probably for separate reasons. The attraction of Bridgerton and the Regency era is that viewers can enjoy in a fictional sense. There is a reason why women’s disempowerment and the marriage market have been left in the past; even in Bridgerton, Eloise represents a stronger female perspective. While the creatives thought it was a great idea to combine The single person and Bridgertonespecially in the gap between Bridgerton seasons, it didn’t pay off with The Courtship because it satisfied neither audience.

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