Why Some Fans Have A Problem With K-Drama’s Sex Scene And Age Gap

tvN’s latest K-drama Standby got off to a good start, but some plot elements have fans and netizens not too eager to watch. The K-drama has an age rating of 19+ due to its themes of murder, revenge, business, and a sex scene in the first episode. K-drama fans are aware that sex scenes are a slippery slope, and Standby also tackles a huge age gap between its main characters.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Eve Episode 1]

Park Byung-eun as Kang Yoon-kyum in K-Drama “Eve” | via tvN

Lee Ra-el Spent Over A Decade Planning The Perfect Revenge In ‘Eve’

June’s K-drama centers on a Ra-el who witnessed her family’s demise at the hands of one of Korea’s most powerful families. In Standby Episode 1, fans learn that Ra-el was a teenager when this happened and was around 15 years old.

In the K-drama, an adult, Ra-el, is now 28 years old. She spent nearly 13 years working in the shadows. But some fans and netizens found the age gap between Ra-el and his target Yoon-kyum to be extreme. In Ra-el’s flashbacks, Yoon-kyum is significantly older than her teenage years. Even at 28, Yoon-kyum is probably in her 40s.

According allkpopfans expressed their disgust at the age gap, with one fan commenting, “The age gap is really…I just hate that a man in his 40s is in love with a woman in her 20s .”

But that’s not the only concern for age gap fans. Standby also focuses on Ra-el’s relationship with Congressman Eun-pyeong, who witnessed the downfall of Ra-el’s family. But in her flashbacks, Eun-pyeong is also much older than 15-year-old Ra-el. He was a practicing lawyer and it can be assumed that he was in his mid-twenties. A fan on Reddit called the discrepancy in the striking difference in physical appearance between past and present.

Sex scene in K-drama ‘Eve’ made some fans uncomfortable

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Standby is not for the faint-hearted as it takes dark themes to the extreme. The K-drama has a 19+ age rating for a reason, but fans found of Eve sex scene to be irrelevant. In the first episode, fans are shocked to learn that Ra-el is married. After the school fundraising recital, he goes to meet her with flowers. Ra-el tricks her into having sex in one of the dressing rooms. Compared to other sex scenes in K-dramas, of Eve is soft.

But some netizens and fans had a problem with how it played out in the storyline. A fan on Twitter commented, “Omo, what is this. Is this an actual scene from a Korean drama? Wahh, we usually complain about them, even censoring the kissing scenes and #Eve served a sex scene so overt like this. Where is the world of kdrama heading?”

Another fan felt of Eve The sex scene wasn’t as appealing due to common K-drama rules. “Also that sex scene seemed so pointless because you could tell they didn’t want to make it too hot despite the fact that she’s supposed to be attractive in that scene. But uh, the scene where she’s dancing was more hot and had more sexual tension than the actual sex scene,” the fan posted on Reddit.

The scene itself evokes the sexual act with a slight nudity on the part of Ra-el’s husband. In reality, Ra-el used the scene as a prop to lure Yoon-kyum, who witnesses it.

Fans call ‘Eve’ a K-drama ‘makjang’

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Between the dramatic plot of revenge, of Eve sex scene, and more, K-drama is labeled as “makjang”. The genre of K-dramas is not new but often has higher age ratings due to its subject matter. Kocowa explains, “A ‘makjang’ series is, quite simply, over-the-top drama. Ridiculous, unrealistic and abnormal situations are normal in these series. Some of the most common storylines include absurd birth secrets, murders, crazy revenge plots, and more.

Makjang’s K-dramas have an array of unsuspecting twists and occasional graphic content. Fans see it with of Eve K-drama sex scene, the torture that Ra-el’s father suffers and the bloody death of a few characters. The genre also applies to exaggerated looks, close-ups and extreme scenarios.

A fan on Reddit commented, “FL Lee Rae El was clutching the metal bar in the side so tight that his grip started bleeding blood so thick as if you had cut someone’s stomach in half. . I found it so hilarious and unconvincing, I couldn’t decide what to laugh at first.

Despite Standby ruffling some feathers with its first episode, fans are hoping for an engaging K-drama that will get them hooked on some thick drama.

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