Will Arnett replaces disgraced Armie Hammer in Taika Waititi sports drama Next Goal Wins

Canadian actor and comedian Will Arnett replaced Army hammer in New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi’s sports-drama comedy Next Goal Wins, Deadline reported.

Hammer, known for films such as The Social Network, The Man from UNCLE and Call Me By Your Name, has been surrounded by controversy since he was accused of sexual misconduct by several women in January of last year. In March, a woman claimed he had “violently” raped her in 2017.

Will Arnett, whose best-known works include the sitcom Arrested Development and the animated tragicomedy series BoJack Cavalier (vocal role), will replace the role of Hammer in the movie Waititi.

Next Goal Wins is based on the 2014 documentary of the same name by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison. It also stars Elizabeth Moss, Oscar Knightley, David Fane, Beulah Koale, Lehi Falepapalangi, Semu Filipo, Uli Latukefu, Rachel House, Kaimana, Chris Alosio, Rhys Darby and Angus Sampson. It is based on the course of the American Samoa football team under the direction of Dutch-American coach Thomas Rongen, played by Michael Fassbender in the film.

Previously, Hammer was also replaced by Miles Teller in Paramount Plus’s The Offer series, which deals with the making of the iconic gangster film The Godfather.

He was removed from the lead role of Brad Reid in the thriller The Billion Dollar Spy after the allegations were published.

Director Waititi also has Thor: Love and Thunder in His Kitten, which is Thor’s fourth film in the MCU. It hits theaters on July 8.