Wonder Woman producers thought women wouldn’t like Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter reveals that the producers of Wonder Woman originally didn’t think her portrayal of Diana would be well received by female audiences.

Lynda Carter revealed that the producers of the Wonder woman TV series (1975 – 1979) originally believed that women would not like his portrayal of Diana on the show because of her costume.

“When the producers mentioned… ‘oh women are not going to like you because outfits and blah blah blah”, I thought, “women are going to love me. They will want to be me or my best friend because Wonder Woman is not a predator. Wonder Woman is all of us, ”Carter said in an interview with ComicBook.com. “That’s what I wanted to bring more than anything, was that she didn’t see herself as all of that, that she didn’t consider herself to be the ‘it’ girl ‘because all of her sisters were doing exactly the same. same thing she does on Paradise Island. “

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Producers at the time were concerned that Carter’s Wonder Woman would appeal to female audiences because of her dress and feminine demeanor. In fact, her portrayal was popular enough to earn Carter a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and she might even reprise the famous role in an upcoming Patty Jenkins. Wonder woman movie. Carter attributes the role’s popularity with women to Diana’s confidence in her abilities and her relationship with the average woman.

“On Theymiscira, they all did the same thing, she just excelled, but she didn’t think she was particularly special, just in this other world,” Carter continued. “But she knew who she was. And that’s how I played her, that she knew who she was.”

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Snippets of Carter’s Wonder Woman were recently featured in the artwork / short film Technology / Transformation: Wonder Woman (1978-79). The piece was created by Dara Birnbaum, a video artist who has been creating artwork that challenges gender bias since the 1970s. Birnbaum created the short to explore the concept of identity and femininity in media. In her interview, Carter also gave her opinion on the film.

“Dara Birnbaum is really innovative, you know, in her commentary on various gender expectations and that sort of thing,” the Wonder woman commented the actress. “It’s weird when someone else interprets what you created and someone else interprets something you created and has their own artistic vision in a different way than intended. So this is what fascinates me, the intention of art piece and art rather than a simple compilation. What makes it a work of art is that this is what juxtapositions mean and that is a transformational piece, ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Birnbaum’s short film is on display at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. Wonder woman (1975 – 1979) is available to stream on HBO Max.

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