Xbox Canada contest gives ridiculous ‘Buffalo Plaid’ Series X controller

The newest giveaway from Xbox Canada is featured by a “buffalo plaid” Xbox controller that looks ready for use in the Canadian Rockies.


In the long history of gaming, video game controllers have been one of the earliest ways for gamers to express their own tastes. Consoles often release many variations of controllers with a plethora of different colors and designs and some fans even make their own controllers based on popular characters and games. Xbox Canada recently gave away its own version of a controller inspired by the “Great White North” and it’s being gifted to ten lucky fans.

High-end custom controllers aren’t new to the gaming world, as developers and publishers often create beautiful devices inspired by their titles. Many of today’s most popular games get controllers to match their styles with companies like Bethesda often hosting giveaways to raffle off their stylized creations. Xbox Canada recently jumped into the mix by hosting a giveaway for a controller sporting a positively Canadian fashion sense.

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Xbox Canada announced the giveaway late last week on Twitter, showing off the Xbox Series X “Buffalo Plaid” controller. The custom controller features a dark red and blue plaid pattern on a background featuring Canadian staples like maple syrup, a hockey stick and puck, and a mountainous background. Controller accents like the shoulder and center buttons are moved to a washed blue. The Canadian Controller is the most recent entry in the vast library of options for Xbox controllers with Microsoft revealing an aqua blue controller earlier this month.

The grand prize of the contest, however, isn’t limited to the Checkered Controller, as it also includes a set of games. Contest offer packs in a collection of game codes redeemable for titles like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, The devil can cry 5, and the critically acclaimed NieR Replicant among many others. The Controller Contest is slated to run until August 26, although entries to win the Canadian Controller are notably limited to residents of Canada. Canadian users simply retweet the post and follow Xbox Canada on Twitter to enter the contest.

Controllers have often been a staple for video game enthusiasts to express their own personality through their favorite console. Beyond a variety of standard colors, fans have plenty of options to show off their favorite games through skins and controller designs. Many fans go even further and create their own designs based on franchises like Pokemon and Mortal combat. It’s unfortunate that fans outside of Canada don’t have the chance to get their hands on the checkered controller, but Microsoft often sponsors giveaways featuring Xbox products so fans around the world always have the pleasure. opportunity to win exclusive Xbox products.

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