Zoë Saldaña’s romance limited series ‘From Scratch’ nearly dethroned ‘The Watcher’ as Top Show on Netflix

“In Italy we have a saying: ‘In dreams as in love, everything is possible.'”

These are the first words we hear in the trailer for Zoë Saldaña’s new Netflix show, from zeroand just for that, we are already addicted.

The limited series, which premiered on Friday, October 21 (just two days ago), is like a mix of Emily in Paris and Under the Tuscan sun, and it’s based on a best-selling memoir by Tembi Locke. Now, the show has already climbed the charts, and it holds the second spot on Netflix’s most-watched series list, just behind the hit show. The Observer (warning, Ryan Murphy).

from zero follows Amy (Saldaña), a black American who travels to Italy to explore the world of art, but ends up finding something completely unexpected when she meets a charming chef named Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea).

Although these two feel like they have a lot on their plate, they allow their love to take over and they move to Los Angeles to start a life together.

Stefano Montesi/Netflix

“There’s nothing holding us back,” Lino says in the trailer. “Only dreams to come.” But as seen in the clip, the couple encounter obstacles when Lino struggles to adjust to American life and find an outlet for his kitchen. Meanwhile, they both must turn to friends and family when faced with an unexpected tragedy.

Still, the show seems to focus on a message of love and hope. “Italians love a good romance,” says Amy. “And ours is for the ages.”

Jessica Brooks/Netflix

Besides Saldaña and Mastrandrea, from zero stars Danielle Deadwyler (Until), Judith Scott (Dexter), Kelita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show), Lucia Sardo (Hundred steps) and more.

The limited series was created by the author of its source material, along with Attica Locke (Empire).

Jessica Brooks/Netflix

Don’t bother us while we’re going to watch this show immediately.

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